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  1. hey peoples. i'm a total newb to indoor growing and i was looking for some advice.
    i'm only trying to grow one or two plants in my room this winter, but i'm entirely unsure as to how to go about the lighting bit. i'm sure i can rig something up for the fixture, i just don't know what would be best to use as that fixture and what to put in it. i'm not really trying to spend all that much on this endeavor, but if this works out all fine and dandy i'll probably be trying to do this on a slightly bigger scale (maybe 5-8 plants). so, point-being-for-including-said-info, i'm trying to get something that would be applicable and helpful in both situations. all help is appreciated, even if your just saying i gotta spend big bucks, i can deal. thanks.
  2. my advice: save up for a decent light. it will easily pay you back in the first harvest. this is definitely one of those hobbies where you get as much as you put into it. hard to be successful without committment.
  3. ^^ He has a good point. I'm poor too so I have flourescent and CFL's for lights. Floro's are 4' tubes (2 in each), work well for seedlings. I actually run the whole grow with the above (up to 4 4' floros with maybe 4 or 5 26w bulbs for veg and upgrading to 3-5 42w bulbs for flower as supplemental lighting)..I've gotten about an Oz per plant. If your looking for a fixture look into like a vanity fixture, with 3 or more sockets, you can then use Y-connectors to run 6-8 bulbs on it. The whole thing...say 6-10$ for the fixture, Y connectors are under a dollar (walmart) and then bulbs...probably can get 2 26watt bulbs (daylight spectrum) for 6-8$. soooo maybe 40-50 bucks? Not bad. check my sig for more info, 2nd link. GL
  4. get a 8$ bathroom fixture from homedepot 4 sockets.....:hello::hello: but dont get your Y's from there there over 2$ each mistake i made
  5. thanks for the advice. i've decided that i'm more comfortable with just spending the money. what should i get for my small operation i'm trying to get going? i've done some research i just can't decide what to do and i also prefer learning from a human telling me.
  6. The absolute best advice I can give you is to purchase this if you can save for it:

    It comes with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING for growing marijuana, its made for it (literally). The light is perfect and you could fit 2-3 full grown plants in that tent. It is a 400w MH (The best light you can get for vegetation) and 400w HPS (the best light you can get for flowering) It is completely perfect. My friend got it and ordered some seeds from a seedbank and now has the best shit in town. He grows 3 plants in there at a time and comes out with close to a pound each harvest.

    If thats way to expensive, just get the light itself, make sure you get the one that is MH/HPS convertable.

    Its $164.95 which is extremely cheap. But you just have to build your growbox and get all the nutes/soil you need. But you'll get very potent bud with this light.
  7. Here is a list of different grow room set ups and DIY items for you and everyone else to check out.

    Boxes and Closets and Rooms
    River System

    PVC Hydro 2 Liter Bottles

    4 600 watt Grow Room

    Closet Hydro


    Plastic Cabinet

    CFL Dresser

    400w Aero

    Grow Closet Clone and HPS

    Aero Clone, Soil Pots, 400-1000w Light Tent

    Rubbermaid Stealth Box

    Closet Aero/DWC

    Mini Fridge Grow Box

    DWC in closet

    CFL Stealth Cab

    Stealth Cabinet Grow

    Stealth Cabinet Grow

    Stealth Cabinet Grow

    10,000 Watt Coco Grow

    4'x4' 1000w HPS Grow Tent

    Underground Grow Room (basement?)

    Aero Veg Cloner

    15.00 Carbon Scrubber

    DIY Chiller

    2 Minute Carbon Filter

    Building a Bubble Bucket

    Light Proof Mounting of an Axial/Box/PC Fan

    DIY Bubble Cloner

    DIY 150-300w HPS

    $3 Carbon Filter

    Coffee Can Filter

    DIY CFL Light Set Up with PVC and hood
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    thanks so much, all that advice is really useful. that grow tent shit is absolutely intense and i wish i had it but i definately can't dish out $500. i know if i sold my stuff i could make it back quick, and then some, but i'm not really trying to do that. i'm simply a hobbiest. i probably should have said that i've got good compost and ferts that i use for outdoors already. i'm sure my goodies will be good in some pots.
    -also, i only have about 8 ft of head room, in my room, so, at about what height will this light start toasting me goodies?

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