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  1. Hey guys,

    I recently moved in to my own place, and while I don't have a lot of room, I have enough for a small grow, 1 plant, maybe 2. I'm looking for any kind of information, tips, etc., on the best way to set up a small grow. I have some experience growing but not much.
  2. Sup truth!

    My dads from Union City, NJ; since I feel close to you already, I'd be glad to help you out a bit LoL.

    Question I have for you so we can begin...

    1. Whats is the exact size of you growing spot? l*w*h
    2. What type of lighting are thinking about setting up?/ and (sorry that I ask) about how much money are you prepared to spend?
    3. Your medium?? Will you be using soil, or a hydro set up?
  3. 1. I have a good 3 x 3(feet) to work with.
    2. Enough for 1-2 plants. I wouldn't expect it to run much more then 100-200 to set up.
    3. Soil. Nice and easy.
  4. you can do it with less that a hundred. Go CFL bulbs (3) of them. souldnt be more than 15 - 20 bucks for these.

    youll need power outlets for the lights and pump - ( 5 bucks)

    2 timers - (1 for the light and 1 for the watering system)

    get yourself a small fan (10 bucks max) to get some air circulating.

    get your pots and soil ready. (shouldnt cost you more than 10 bucks)

    tubing from your pump to your plants and small tubing to come out of the big one from the pump. example here http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-jou...y-purple-kush-8-plants-hydro-drip-system.html

    If you want to water it yourself then you dont need this other stuff but if you want an autowater setup then but some 2 ML emmiters (homedepot 10 pack = 3 bucks )

    a small 3 - 4 glallon tub ( 5$ big tupper wear will do)

    a 10$ pump from any aquarium or hydro shop.

    and youll need some seeds. thats all on you. dont know what you want to spend there .

    i think thats all to cover it. youll be growing in no time and wont need to worry about watering. youll just need to monitor your plants daily about 10 - 15 minutes in the am and 10 - in the pm.

    hope this helps
  5. I'm not looking for something that big. Basically, I just want the most basic setup I can get that will work well. If I have to water them more often it's not a problem.
  6. That is you basic outline... I think Mjboy overlooked you saying that you would go soil, buT if I could continue my bandwagon like advertisement for Fox Farm Ocean Forrest soil and Cocotek... Im a big fan...= )

    www.insidesun.com <- Best prices for lights dude... 250w HPS will give you SUPREME lighting for 2 plants in flower.

    Now... If your just trying to grow 2, what about seperating your space into 2parts??

    One for mother and one for veg... That way you only flower 1-2 plants at a time, but you always have a plant ready every time you harvest...

    Search perpetual grows....

    Best tip you'll get around here (or anywhere for that matter) is to read and do your H.W...
  7. This will be placed in the back of my walk in closet, no real ventilation. Smell isn't a problem, as the walls are incredibly thick(I can't smell people smoking blunts right outside the door) but heat may be. Will HPS lighting create a lot of heat? I've read that CFLs can be good for tight spaces due to the lack of extra heat.

  8. lol i know your not tryingto go that big. that setup is small as hell ( not mine).

    just use 2 pots and the rest of the stuff i said. 3 CFL bulbs and a small pump is not big at all. that fits in a broom closet with no problems.
  9. Should I get anything else? I was considering grabbing some card board boxes to go around the plant with tin foil on the sides to reflect more light. Good idea?
  10. Here is a list of different grow room designs and DIYer's.

    Boxes and Closets and Rooms
    River System

    PVC Hydro 2 Liter Bottles

    4 600 watt Grow Room

    Closet Hydro


    Plastic Cabinet

    CFL Dresser

    400w Aero

    Grow Closet Clone and HPS

    Aero Clone, Soil Pots, 400-1000w Light Tent

    Rubbermaid Stealth Box

    Closet Aero/DWC

    Mini Fridge Grow Box

    DWC in closet

    CFL Stealth Cab

    Stealth Cabinet Grow

    Stealth Cabinet Grow

    Stealth Cabinet Grow

    10,000 Watt Coco Grow

    4'x4' 1000w HPS Grow Tent

    Underground Grow Room (basement?)

    Aero Veg Cloner

    15.00 Carbon Scrubber

    DIY Chiller

    2 Minute Carbon Filter

    Building a Bubble Bucket

    Light Proof Mounting of an Axial/Box/PC Fan

    DIY Bubble Cloner

    DIY 150-300w HPS

    $3 Carbon Filter

    Coffee Can Filter

    DIY CFL Light Set Up with PVC and hood
  11. Thanks for all the help guys.

    Here's a question : how big of a pot would I need to grow 1 plant?
  12. truth my setup will be very similar to yours keep this thread going as it's proving to be very helpful for me also.:hello:
  13. You need one gallon for each foot, so the size of pot depends on how high your wanting to grow.

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