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DANK - Silver Haze - [HQ Macros] -56K Beware-

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by drummersince99, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. crazy dank.
    +love my friend
  2. hell ya man nice pickup. those are some dank ass buds
  3. damn man that looks like some kill!
  4. We should hang out.
  5. It... it.. it... it's glorious.
  6. Dankalicous!!! + ReP
  7. thank you for the comments so far, bump for more feedback:smoking:
  8. I think it looks fucking dank as hell and frosty. Nice :hello:
  9. dank. great pickup
  10. Great macros :hello:
  11. very nice :D <3 the ssh I have right now
  12. your guy is amazing, I can't believe you get those prices and these buds. All your pick-ups are cheap and dank as fuck. Lucky you :D.
  13. Stunning shots and simply amazing bud!
  14. Looks soo tasty and sticky:smoking:
  15. i always thought the hazes had more of a different smell than skunk...either way that looks like some REAL sticky nugget and at that price!? +rep
  16. Wow, that bud looks great. You really have the hookup.
  17. i remember 6 months back there was a ton of ssh going around. didn't like it much because of all the kush going around simultaneously...but your sh looks BOMB
  18. dude, those pictures are so gorgious i had to bookmark it, +rep
  19. Wow looks amazing id love to get my hands on some of that. Hopefully this summer.

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