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  1. Hello all :wave:, I've been lurking around for about a year now, and finally put together my first ever pc grow box together, although it is very small. I've seen some grows similar to this size.

    Dimensions are very small compared to some of the server tower grows.
    13'' height x 13'' length x 6.5'' width.

    Temp is stable at 75-80, dependent on time of day. Humidity around 40-50%.

    I have 3 fans. 2 exhaust and 1 intake. CFM unknown. I'm using a Truair carbon scrubber/filter for odor later on.

    Soil is Gardener's Gold Organic Soil with perlite mixed in, a pH of about 6.5. With Dyna-bloom/grow nutes, and Dr. Earth Organic Teas. Inside is lined with mylar.

    Lights are 3, 6500K for veg at 26 watts each and 3, 2700K for flowering at 23 watts each. I have yet to completely lightproof the box, but I will be running 20/4. Lights will be off at night as well.

    I am very excited as this is my first indoor grow and to give my pc grow box a test run, I am growing some tomato seedlings that will soon be planted in my outside garden, once they hit about 5 inches in height.

    Any advice / tips are welcome to my case. I plan on LST'ing my auto easy ryders, as height is going to be an issue. I think I will only have 7-8 inches of grow room max. This grow will be for only 1 plant at a time as well.

    Any advice/tips are appreciated! I will be continuing an update here as I begin to germinate the easy ryder ladies, and hopefully have a successful first run :eek:

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  2. use a rectangular ziploc microwave dish. make sure you light proof your pot, and more light is always better, but it looks good man, ill be following
  3. I'm a little confused about these things. Why use a PC case if it's just gonna grow to be bigger than the case? Unless I am missing something? Don't most plants grow to at least a few feet?

  4. Hey DyeNasty thanks for your input, I'll definitely look into using a rectangular dish. I've been thinking about using a square/rectangular planter to maximize room for the roots to grow. Any advice on what to use to lightproof it?? I do have some duct tape and elec tape laying around..

  5. exactly what dyenasty said is correct. And if you ever have guests over they will have no clue what it is.
  6. Your micro grow in your sig is looking great as well! Happy growing and hope you get a good sized yield.
  7. my next big pot is just an 8L rectangular dish, with tin foil tape around the outside, 1 layer is light proof
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    Update: I got a bit bored after work.. got a full tower pc case from a friend so decided to build another PC Grow box heh. So I decided to finally germinate my easy ryder seed and it sprouted today!!

    about 1 cm in height. one of the cotyledons seem to be curved down, but I am guessing that it's due to its recent sprouting up from the soil? I hope that is the case and there is nothing wrong with the seedling. Any thoughts on why that one cotyledon is curved downwards like that? Is my assumption correct?

    I thoroughly watered and drained an hour before planting the seed, so I'm going to wait till the top two inches of the soil dries out to water it again.

    I got my inspiration for my planter and seed location from MrBear2Point8's and Dyenasty's grow as well! = ) Well enough talking, here are pics of my pc grow and little sprout. Will continue to update as often as possible.

    any advice/input appreciated!

    My Grow Journal - Easy Ryder 1st ever PC GROW:
    3/28/2012: Wet paper towel method of germination has begun. Fully watered and prepared the planter and drained with pH balanced water.
    3/30/2012: Observed Germination and taproot has appeared, planted into pot. Saran wrapped planter. Temperature varies from 77-81 degrees Fahrenheit.
    4/01/2012: Sprout has come up for the first time from the soil about 1/4''. Removed saran wrap. Checked soil, top 2 inches still fairly moist. Will water when top 2 inches becomes dry. Temperature with door closed is 75F with 43% R/H.




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  9. You can make a plant grow to any size you want... except autos are less flexible because they do whatever they want... Photosensitive plants can be flowered right from seed or vegged for literally years...

  10. one of the cotyledons seem to be curved down, but I am guessing that it's due to its recent sprouting up from the soil? I hope that is the case and there is nothing wrong with the seedling. Any thoughts on why that one cotyledon is curved downwards like that?

    Also I might think it might be due to dampening off from overwatering??
    I made sure to thoroughly drain the planter 1 hour before planting the seed. I noticed that it is slightly moist for the top 2-3''
    any thoughts??
  11. some of mine have done it, no clue as to why...
    i seem to be having horrible luck with my seedlings, but i am just using bagseed
  12. That's going to be a veeeeery tight squeeze, but hopefully with some good LST it will fit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  13. yea Dye, I'm not too sure as well haha, I checked this morning and they seem to have gone back to normal, wheww. I also took your recommendation and got a rectangular planter and lightproofed it, thanks bud. Your Jasmine seems to be doing well keep up the LST! = )

  14. but yea Billa I'm pretty sure it's going to be a tight squeeze so i decided to plant it to the left of the pot so I could LST it towards the light to the right, similar to what you did with your pc grow. Your Biscuit and Porkchop are both looking great! Gets me all excited after watching others' successful pc grows.

    You guys are all an inspiration to my first grow! Thank you. = )
  15. Thank you! I'm glad I could be an inspiration to you. As hard as I tried to make them fit, both of my plants outgrew their pc cases so I had to whip together a cabinet ultra fast. Now I'm a cab gal.

    I think you should have more success since you're going with an easyryder, but small pc cases make me nervous now! I guess because after going through what people warned me about I'm beginning to consider the theory that pcs don't fit very well once you hit flowering unless its a large full tower or a server case. They make awesome little vegetation machines though!

    So if I may ask/suggest, have you considered a backup plan just in case?

  16. Thanks for the suggestion Billa, I do have a backup plan.

    I forgot to mention that I built another pc grow box(full tower) for an extra flowering chamber/contingency plan. And use my first one for a veg chamber as you said. They're in the second set of pictures I posted (the cases are a bit different if you look closely). After watching DJ's grow --==> , I think it could turn out ok.

    But if the easy ryders decide to get a bit tall, I was planning on modifying an old wooden dresser that I have laying around in the garage, which could give me 4ft+ of growing room and purchase a decent HPS system while I'm at it = )

    Well I got bored after work and decided to post some pics of the new pc case and noticeable growth of the first set of true leaves. :D

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  17. She is looking good, something to consider with your back up plan, 4FT with an HPS and ventilation system quickly becomes 2.5FT - 3FT, then distance from light to plant makes it even less than that, you could get a couple big 250W CFLs for less than a HPS system and its easier to manage in a small space.

  18. Very true. I might opt for the larger CFL's. Also I do know that HPS systems run quite hot compared to CFL's as well. Thanks for the suggestion, DyeNasty.
  19. Looking good Man. Gonna be a tight squeeze, but who said this was gonna be easy?! Haha. I'll be lurking on here. Subbed for sure. Best of luck. :D

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