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  1. Sup guys starting a new journal. Just moved into a new spot and ended up getting a new tent 3x3x6. Got 2 300w led lights in there, 4 inch inline and scrubber.[​IMG][​IMG]

    I've been growing for a while and been using led for roughly a year now and have produced some pretty good dense results.

    Here are pics of what I got growing

    White label seeds purple bud

    Just harvested 7 days ago
    Auto seeds:auto berry took only 55 days

    I just ordered 5 nirvana aurora beans and will be doing a 6-8 plant grow next. Im a fox farm guy so in use the trio plus the soluables. I grow using the hemoy method, I use a perilite top, with a soil core, then the rest is pretty much 75 perilite and 25 percent fox farm soil, the bottom layer is lava rocks. I use hydroponic nutes and generally keep the oh 5.5-5.8 veg, and 6.0 flowering. I supplement cal mag as well.

    Pretty much going to use this as a long time journal, lets have some
    Auto berry before chop fun.[​IMG]

    current grow: 600w led

    400w hps hempy-
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