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Cancer New skull breaking open/neck crackling/fluid sensations with weed use

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Disparation, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Hello, I joined the forums just for this post, so forgive me if I am doing something incorrectly.

    I have been using medical marihuana for a couple of years now to treat chronic nerve/joint/muscle pain and more recently chemotherapy related side effects. The positives for me have always outweighed the negatives, until recently.

    My team of doctors are aware that I use MMJ however are not incredibly familiar with it nor do they have a firm grasp on my symptoms or what is happening to me outside of my brain tumor as it is. I do plan to bring this up with them, I just feel that you all would potentially have more answers for me.

    Every time I use, even a little bit, even really good stuff, no matter the form, I have been getting the intense and long lasting sensation that my skull is splitting open, that warm fluid is accumulating at the top of my skull and dripping down my neck, that my neck and head are crackling and will break off if I move. Laying down, sitting up, distracted, focused, indicas or sativas. I will get the unique effects of the strain for a few minutes and then this comes crashing in. I try to be mindful. I tell myself that I know weed cannot harm me, that its in my head, to refocus on the tingling aspects and think of them that way. And it works minimally for a short time, but continues regardless. I feel that it remains long after the effects have worn off.

    I took a week break. I've been drinking more water especially before and during. Ive tried relaxing environments and friends and shows and activities. Still, it persists. Its agonising and terrifying. I don't want to stop using, I cannot afford to stop using, my pain is not responsive to anything else. And yet, I am completely turned off from it now.

    I have been googling everything and every circumstantial thing and every wording I can think of and have found no similar stories.

    My thoughts as to possible precedents include:

    My third round of chemotherapy. Specifically lomustine, vincristine, and procarbazine. These cause progressive nerve damage, could my nerves have changed to where pleasure signals are disrupted and altered?

    Overdosing on an edible: around the time that this all started, I had overestimated my tolerance and had a very bad trip with these symptoms and psychosis and more. I have since taken a T break. Could I just need a longer time free of THC?

    Finally, in desperation, I was adding a thca tincture to low grade weed in my vape for a while before I could renew my stash. Could this have done permanent/semi permanent damage in some way?

    I feel incredibly stupid, and afraid, and miserable with untreated pain. Please, be gentle with me. Thanks in advance to anyone who has any insight!
  2. I can assure you that you didn't do any 'damage' from the tincture combination. I notice things like this from time to time too. Could it be elevating your blood pressure? Definitely a common effect of cannabis and couple that with anxiety from your previous experience..if you're looking for peace of mind maybe take a BP test before smoking and then one after?
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  3. This is a good idea, thank you. And thank you for the reassurance. I am trying to remind myself that anxiety can do a lot of things even when not conscious of it, especially combined with the fact that my skull has been cut into and plated just a year ago. I guess a lot of strange things can happen.
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    Sometimes higher doses of thc can trigger pain....even as they are killing cancer cells. Steady moderate dosage may suit you, but I can't imagine losing your pain reliever in this way!

    Definitely check your Blood Pressure during each type of medicine used. Some make your heart race, some drop you down to almost fainting, some make you dehydrated and you must hydrate or it can get very painful. (I get leg and feet cramps). I had severe headaches many years back when I quit smoking, and it was because my BP rose without the mj.

    Your nervous system under chemotherapy deteriorates and does not know which end is up.
    Neuropathy is a bitch and your brain has all that going sorry that you are in such pain.
    You don't mention the strains you've used, but it may be that you need heavier cbd and cbn rather than adding thc or thc-a.

    weed can worsen pain...
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  5. Here's a thread from here:

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  6. Cannabis can paradoxically worsen pain

    "The worsening of pain by cannabis is a real phenomenon. It was reported by multiple people and has been replicated in a laboratory setting." --Prof of Pot
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  7. Thank you! All very helpful and appreciated!
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  8. I am glad to help in any way, and hope you can find a way back to getting relief from mj. hope your days improve!
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  9. here is a thread here on GC about titrating out your cannabis dosage with peppercorns... Cannabis Black Pepper.
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  10. When you say taking it, in what form? Smoke, edible, dab?

    Cannabis is a pretty darn gentle yet powerful herb and I doubt it did any harm to your body. The other drugs you are taking I can't be so sure of. And I think Wake'n Bakester might be on to something when it comes to your blood pressure.

    I have heard of people who have brain cancer that can actually hear sizzling in their head when taking the oil. They are still around and the cancer is gone so it must have been the sound of their tumors dying. I've also heard about people crapping out and throwing up their tumors. The plant is powerful so much that it scares us because there is not a lot of medical information out there yet to read. But there are literally hundreds of stories of people who have killed their tumors with cannabis through Cannabis Health Radio. In my opinion, anecdotal stories are every bit as useful as clinical trials. After you listen to enough of them, you see a pattern of how people are killing their cancer.

    I would refrain from any smoking for awhile and stick with a good oil protocol. How much do you know about the oil? It takes the concentrated oil to kill the tumors. Smoking is more for pain, but in your case, perhaps a break might do you well.

    Fill us in on what your regime is and we might be able to help you better.
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  11. Subbed : I hope you find an answer to this
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  12. Ive had pain elevate after consumption on rare occasions but soon goes away figured it was the cannabis taking effect or I had relaxed enough to realize I was in pain the brain is crazy I think we block a lot not realizing it.
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  13. Coming back to update and to answer some questions.

    Firstly, I have continued to abstain from cannabis use for the time being. I am hoping one of the doctors on my team will be willing to look into and discuss this with me, particularly as this is something that could effect other patients.

    I have not gotten into the concentrated RSO oil thus far, mostly as I only have a small budget and I need for it to go to relief. I use a pax vaporizer as well as edibles, lozenges, concentrates/dabs, and tinctures. I tend towards indicas.

    This has been occuring with every strain and every method of consumption. I recently tried some CBD again and had the exact same effects...curiouser and curiouser.

    My mental health counselor agrees that this seems to be more than the effects of anxiety, she told me it sounded like an interaction. And I am inclined to agree.

    Two findings of interest: the one chemo drug with the highest neurotoxicity profile has a known but difficult to find interaction with cannabis. Specifically, it acts on the pump mechanisms and increases the serum levels. Hmm.

    I am also waiting to get access to a study I found on cannabis possibly having effects like tyramine- something that I am restricted from having with Procarbazine due to the MAOI like interaction.

    Two possibilities. Unsure if they could be causing these symptoms. The Vincristine is the one I am most suspicious of, and also have a chance of being taken off of as data is insufficient as to theraputic value and it is a rough drug to be on.

    Finally, I have tested my blood pressure several times before, during, and after usage. My BP is low as is, and I found that there were very minimal effects on mine. When there were effects, my systolic was dropping slightly lower.

    Thanks all for continued suggestions and replies. I really hope to figure this out even just to sate my own research curiosity. Will keep you all updated!
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  14. ETA: I also use topicals/transdermal patches. I am unsure if these would contribute the same effects as they do not get me high.
  15. I figure I may as well add just in case it holds any possible relevance, my tumor is a diffuse/anaplastic astrocytoma (characteristics on the cusp of grade II and III), I have had two surgeries (over a year ago now), radiation, and three rounds of PCV chemotherapy. I am also Autistic and have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is a genetic condition effecting the whole body.
  16. Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    I started using cannabis again after a 13 year break was in a car accident and have severe back and neck pain that usually ends up giving me a headache and not sleeping. Did pills for 1.5 years until it started effecting every relationship I had (didn’t have many but, wanted to keep them).
    Started with body lotions, patches, bong, bubbler, pipe, tinctures, vaping, then homemade edibles.
    Two months ago I tried BNWs hash caps and even though it takes an hour for them to kick in their the best thing I’ve had for pain relief in 3 years. I know their not the answer to everything but I’d give em a try if I were you. I make mine with vaped material Kief, and hash. Really inexpensive compared to buying at a dispensary.
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  17. I have had another revelation relating to one specific aspect of this experience: scar tissue. At my incision cite. Cutting across the top of my skull. The cannabis could be increasing blood flow to the area and causing me to feel both that blood is pooling in the tissue (and possibly forming knots of muscle) but also that this engorgement combined with the intensified awareness of my nerves there (likely entrapped in scar tissue) could very well full like it's pulling because it *is*, and thus the ripping sensation.

    Put together with the fact that pot relaxes my muscles and my joints are held together mainly by faulty collagen and muscle, very tight muscle, and I've got a recipe for disaster. My joints become more injured more when my muscles are loose and my nerves are mixed up and create post-high tension greater than before.

    The only thing I am wondering now is why it's only just started to feel this way.

    I've gotten the bad effects with my joints before but usually counteracted or neutralized by the level of relief. The scar tissue isn't exactly new...
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  18. I can relate to this aspect. Some scars take a long time to resolve the nerve sensitivity. You can touch deep scars and feel nothing there, but feel the touch on a different area that is not being touched. The nerves are haywire. These sensations can and do last years. It is recommended to massage scar areas to avoid keloid formation, but this also stimulates the nerves, which is good, although it causes tingling and deep itching at times.
    I saw this article yesterday while reading and found the V portion of your chemo cocktail listed as contraindicated. Not sure of the severity of that contraindication, but it could be a clue.

    Drug Interactions with Cannabis - Prof of Pot
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  19. Hi I had a seizure last month went to hospital had a second one in hospital, they drugged me then took me for a mri and found a tumor in my pre frontal cortex grade 2 or 3.
    2 days later i left hospital smoked 5 bong hits had another seizure got hospitalised for another 12 days upping my meds till I stabalized.
    I still blaze now but if I smoke to much I have partial seizure symptoms and feel like I'm going to have another grand mal seizure.
    I also have similar symptoms to you I have head pressure, and that heavy head and neck sensation.
    I'm awaiting brain surgery myself, trying to keep a positive attitude and a sense of tumor humor.
    Oh one last thing as other people mentioned cannabis making pain worse I have had 3 knee reconstructions if I'm stoned sometimes I can hardly walk apposed to when I'm sober I do squats power walk no problem, it's like the muscles relax making them unstable.
    Another one cannabis makes my tinnitus go 10X louder.
    All of these obstacles I will still find a way to smoke the herb its a part of my identity life wouldn't be the same without it. Ive even got ongoing fines to pay because I keep getting arrested for blazing in public.
    It would be interesting in the name of science" I don't actually intend on doing this! " I smoked enough to trigger a seizure that just so happens to kill me would I be the first person to die from the harmless herb?
    Is there history on cannabis killing people with pre existing medical conditions?

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