My kid is addicted to pokemon! Help

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  1. You are his father; take it away and tell him to go outside and run around.
  2. Give him a book and treat the video game drug as a reward.
  3. Take the DS and tell him he has to do something active for a certain amount of time per day in order to play his DS
  4. yeah that's a lot of pokemon, even for me.
    you're just gonna have to limit how much you let him play. help him find other things to do that are better for him.
  5. ^ This. A thousand times over.
  6. Help him find a hobby, take him out to play ball. Encourage him to do something with friends. And if all else fails, take it away from him. I spent a ton of time gaming when I was younger and I regret it now, make sure you take action
  7. Take it and ask him if he wants to be a virgin for the rest of his life
  8. Hell if he loves it that much encourage him to get into the real card game. He'll at least be interacting with people and not staring at a small screen all day. If all else fails take it away

  9. OP is obviously worried about the problem so why make jokes?
  10. We werent allowed to play games during the middle of the week. On the weekends we got the controllers back AFTER DARK. We would occasionally get them midday on the weekends if it was really shitty outside... but then we usually were told to just put trash bags over our clothes and go outside anyways.

  11. People who call other people virgins for liking to do a certain thing are usually virgins..
  12. Be his father and give him a boot out the door.

    He'll thank you for it later. If he can't make plans with his own friends, head out with him and play catch or a little footie. Don't be a hypocrite and sit in front of the TV/PC all afternoon.
  13. My mom used to tell me to go outside and not come home until supper and it never bothered me. :confused_2:

    Times have changed and it hasn't even been that long.
  14. Yes, why ever do that?
  15. Daaamm If I ever got 25 hours played of anything in that time span I would put the game down myself :O
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    get him to smoke crack

    if you're hooked on crack you are not hooked on anything else

    Advocating the use of other drugs is nowhere NEAR appropriate - WW
  17. Yup. For me it was always "go out and play and don't come back until the street lights come on."

    But you can bet your ass if I wasn't back when the street lights came on I was in trouble haha
  18. I always played games at that age except I would go outside & play with my friends , go on the swing , play with the waterhose aha , etc
  19. Haha yea times have definitely changed. I played my share of games back when I was younger but I would also spend hours outside.

    If you own some land get him a BB or air soft gun, maybe build a tree house with him.

    Go camping or fishing with him. This is just some of the stuff my dad used to do with me.

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