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  1. My friends and I have been reading, planning, and designing over the past few weeks. This weekend we built our masterpiece, and named him George Gropez:

    The mascot aside, I'm pleased to present the building process:
    19/32" plywood
    1/2" siding insulation
    Sealing and adhesive caulk
    Silver-based reflective tape
    4" dryer ducting
    4" dryer duct elbow joint
    4" duct attachment
    4" in-line fan
    4" carbon scrubber
    4 42W (200eq) daylight CFL's
    2 reflective domes (with y-splitters)
    outlet timer
    hinges and lock
    rubber door seal



    pots and more materials:

    walls built:

    drilling for lights and ventilation:

    4" vent holes:

    caulked up, with a door and my awesome ass:

    testing the fit with insulation:

    testing the fit of the pots and lights:

    has all of the reflective material, and is in position in our closet:

    showing in position with the lights on and door cracked:

    pots and lights:
  2. how are you going to light the side of the plants? id suggest growing only 1 plant in there
  3. We're growing Utopia Haze, Vanilla Kush, and Big Buddha Automatic
    we had the automatic seed before we ordered the others, so we germinated him a few days early and have a seedling forming already:
    the first day:

    progress as of yesterday:

    The Utopia Haze and Vanilla Kush have just been planted today, so we should see sprouts soon, and will keep everyone updated!

    Here is the ventilation system, as we just finished it last night:
  4. Looks nice. Having the plants that close to the wall is kinda crampin it. maybe smaller pots? when u cramp the plants, u decrease yield because they arent getting what they want. u could very well end up with more yield just making sure one plant gets buff.

  5. I was thinking that the light globes in combination with the reflective tape would be able to cover the sides. You guys think that we really could get more yield with just one plant? I know its small, but would they really be too cramped to produce too much?
  6. take it from experience light doesn't bounce that well even with mylar. you will need t5's on each wall for maximum yield. i would start with 1 plant. also you will need a fan blowing on the colas with that small of space you will have mold problems. when the plant touches the walls it decreases circulation. do some more research. maybe even make a bigger grow box

  7. We're looking into t5s. Since we already germinated the seeds, we're going to keep with our original plan of 2 plants and a small automatic (that we can kill if it doesn't work out). We have a small fan blowing in there that we added ( I forgot to mention). Whats your reasoning behind the decreased circulation? It seems to me that it wouldn't affect it that much, can you show any literature?
    Also, the size of the box is sadly as big as we can get for now.
  8. they pots only have one dranage hole that might not be enough!!i usualy have pots with holes all the way around the botom.
  9. the decreased circulation occurs because the air flow cant get all the way around the plant. air circulation is for a lot of things. taking out used air. getting fresher air to the plants. it also keeps direct heat off of your plants so they dont burn as easily. when your plants are up against a wall growing your cutting off passages of air. also when the colas are right up against eachother as well. Giving them proper airflow between them is very beneficial to the plant.(s)
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    First off great box.. Looks good, but not enough room for two plants and not enough light.. 4 cfls is not going to be able to grow two.. Thats barely enough for one.. Three is just out of the question..

    Second off I see only problems with this.. I hope that you get off your first grow without having trouble with your friends.. First rule of growing.. Tell no one.. You may think oh my friends are cool.. They'd never mention it to anyone.. Wishful thinking.. Hopefully no one mentions it or you are going to get caught.. Not to mention getting near harvest time changes people.. Just wait..

    Your pots only have one drainage hole and newbies often overwater.. You may start experiencing a problem with root rot if you are not careful..

    Just going from utopia haze alone it can get to 2 1/2-3 feet tall.. You have no side lighting so the lower buds will get nothing.. You may get one or two colas, but you have set all of yourselves up for disappointment..

    Goodluck though and hope it works out..
  11. Thanks for the info. I figured we would have some mistakes with our first grow, I guess there are some big kinks to work out...
    About the 'others knowing' - I know, that the first rule of growing. I don't want to go into details, but it was necessary for all of us to know.
    What would you recommend for side lighting? It would be tough to mount to the walls, since we have insulation rather than just wood.
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    wow lol looks A LOT like mine only smaller haha nice set up man :hello:

    what is that soil you got them in??

    *I also agree with one plant...and get a way to mount your cfls to the wall, just screw some 2X4 pieces to the wall and get light clamps and splitters, and maybe a small HID for your main above light, or Use a much smaller pot like a 1/2 gallon or smaller, as many as you can squeeze in there, implement a sCroG, add a shelf to the top so you can maintain mothers and a separate chamber for clones and a mother.
  13. ive seen clay pots screw shit up to especially with on hole those clay pots soak up moisture
  14. Hey quick question or two since I'm new and just started my stealth cabinet. Is the inline fan placed at top and what's at the bottom? Is that a fan blowing inward?
  15. Sorry guys, midterms were brutal.
    Anyways, to answer those questions:
    We just picked up a bag of the most neutral soil we could find locally.
    As for the intake, its passive - the top fan will pull air out of the box, causing air to come into the intake to compensate for pressure change in the box.

    To update: the plants aren't in spectacular shape. My friend added nutes too soon, and gave them some burn. They're a little behind, but definitely growing. Here are some of the most recent pics.

    Big Buddha automatic:

    Vanilla Kush:

    Vanilla Kush leaf sprouts:

    Utopia Haze:
  16. any updates on these plants yet?

  17. These guys died. We had quite a few problems, and some irresponsible moments. But we're working out the kinks. Just got some organic soil (Foxfarm) and started germinating a few seeds today. We're trying multiple ones from some nug I got - strange pickup, in this post: pictures on page 2 - These bag seeds are going to be practice so that we can get our methods down and see what works best. I'll keep updates on those guys. :hello:

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