Looking 4 specific setup, 1 plant 360* Vertical flouro's w/ lamp gaurds

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  1. There was a post on here a while back... not sure which growing forum for sure, and i've been looking forever and can't find it...

    The setup was featured on another website (probably overgrow)...
    It was something like this:

    A circular container, likely a round trash can, with fluorescent lights (like T8 I think) spaced around evenly on the inside of the container - giving 360 degree light coverage from the sides of the container.

    The fluorescent bulbs were not in commercial fixtures, but the sockets were bought separately and spaced the correct distance for the bulb to fit in a 'diy fixture' of sorts...

    The sockets were wired in a series, so one connected to the others and ran around in a circle... I assume that only one ballast was used due to the way the sockets were wired.

    This was a single plant setup, using what I think was a bubble bucket... it may have been something else, but it was not soil... aero or hydro.

    Each of the lights had those clear guards you can buy to help keep the bulbs from shattering, and this allowed the plant to be in direct contact with the light source without getting burned....

    I *think* there may have even been some sort of mini-cooling setup to run air through these tubes, similar to a cool tube for HPS/MH bulbs, but using small tubing similar to that used for bubble buckets, etc.. with the capped clear lamp guards acting as the cool tube.

    If anyone knows what setup/thread I am refering to... can you please give me the link or some additional info???

    I'd really like to try this method - seems fairly simple (if you can do basic electrical wiring), no heat concerns, complete side light coverage at very close ranges, and not to hard to conceal...

    Any help would be great! Thanks! :smoke:
  2. @heavyengineering - it was in a circular trash can, and similar to that... it showed a picture of the wiring for the ballast, as well as the socket contacts like that tread, except it was the linear wiring, as these bulbs were linear fluorescents with tube protectors over them - normally used to help protect the bulb from shattering, but the clear tube protectors had a larger diameter than the diameter of the linear bulb, something like T12 size protectors over a T8 light bulb, leaving a gap of air between the bulb and the light, so the plant can grow up against the light without actually touching the light, and also blocking less of the light by being help back from the light source slightly.

    I do this now and my plants can touch the protectors... however I only use one of these linear bulbs, horizontally, for side lighting on 2 small plants... 70* temps coming through my intake, a 'flat light hood' covered w/ CFL's, contained within a ghetto-flat-cooltube that has it's own exhaust, and 2 other fans in the small cabinet blowing around... basically the temps right by my leaves are only 73-75 F, and up against the oversized protector for the linear fluorescent bulb the temp is AROUND 85 F, enough to stress the plant... but doesn't burn unless it is left in contact with a leaf for a few days

    HOWEVER, in this setup I'm looking for -- having more of these linear lights and the close proximity both for when the plant is smaller and for intended contact w/ the light(the trash can may have been a smaller diameter than 55 gal, now that I think about it... to keep the lights closer to the plant) -- *I THINK* it may have gone a step farther with the protectors and used that gap to put a small hose from an air pump between the bulb and the protector surface at the bottom, with another hole in the top to either simply exhaust the air that passed through, or connect it to the next light and simply run it through several or the entire string of lights before reaching the exhaust...basically like a hydro system with air, i'm pretty sure it used similar connections, or air hose connections and an air pump from something like a fish tank.

    the air running between the already cool running linear fluro bulb, allowed the plant to safely contact the protector for however long it grew as well as keeping the temperature inside the container low to make temp control easier..

    If anyone knows what I'm talking about that'd be great!!
    - Ben

    (I guess if I can't find it.. I can try to design somethin similar myself and ask some questions about what I would need to use)
  3. no one hear of anything like this??

    T8 tube lamps mounted vertically inside a circular container/trash can with the protector tubes kept cool enough for the plant to grow out and make contact with the tubes as it continues to grow vertically?
  4. If it was a blue poly container approx. 55 gal. and each light was the type that was a U-shape inside a polycarb. tube that served as ventilation via. PVC in-lets I'm 99% sure it was Tejasindoors-the danktank, Tejasindoors still has the ballast-light info and those kewl mini-fans how to's & info posted through the link I previously posted, like I posted before the link to the danktank is dead.
    Maybe attempt a PM to tejasindoors, he might have the info you require.


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