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  1. I just set up my two plants under a 300w full spec. And another 2 strip 30 doller light from home depot so my question is am I to hi or what cuz today when I put it in my tent it started to droop a lil mind u I take it out and put it In the sun everyday today the first day in the tent any pointers or help would be great[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Welcome to GrassCity @bdogydog92
    Your plants are reaching for the light and stretching out too much. You should bring the light closer.
    Also, you need to train your plants for the area you are growing in. You can achieve this by LST, mainlining, topping, scrogging, etc. Please do some research on these methods. Here's a writeup on scrog techniques.
    How To SCROG
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  3. Always place a light as close as possible. Use your hand as a gauge. Too hot for your hand means too hot for the plant.
  4. Okay now this is my first time ever using LEDs and when I put my plants in the tent they started drooping anybody can tell me why this is

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  5. U could prob get that light 16-18 inches away it prob has a 12 inch penetration so your gunna want to keep the plants as flat as possible
  6. I would say its too far away. I have that same light from Home Depot that I used on my first grow EVER....that light can literally sit on your buds and not be too much light(I know this from I recently upgraded my lights again and I also got a Dr. Meter Lux Meter from Amazon. These are the most accurate way to get your lights to the right distance. I tested that light from Home Depot and at 4 inches, it reads 12k prolly need double or triple that right now during ur current plants' stage. Idk what your other light is reading....but i would try 20 inches and then lower from there....?

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  8. One of the best things I did, and I resisted for a long time, is buy an actual light meter. All you really need is a lux meter. No more questions about the right height you work from light levels at the top of the plant and there's some good rules of thumb even for lux readings. They convert easily to ppfd depending on what led you're using.

    If you contact the manufacturer they may give you a correction factor for converting lux readings to ppfd but about .66 is a good number for most. 66,000 lux per 1,000ppfd. 1,000ppfd is good light levels for bloom in the center of the garden at the top of the plants so 66,000 lux is equal to that number.

    In seeding stage you want about 5,000-8,000 lux.
    In early veg stage you want about 10,000-15,000 lux
    In mid to late veg stage you want about 25,000-35,000 lux.
    In bloom you want between 55,000-70,000 lux.

    The variants in the numbers account for different strains. Some strains are more light tolerant and some are less. Some will fall on the top end of that scale at each stage and some will fall at the low end. You will want to watch the plant for the final decision on light levels because the plant will tell you want it wants if you know what to look for.

    You will get an upcurl on the outside edges of the top leaves towards the serrations creating a sawblade type look or a taco shaped leaf on the top of the plant if the light is too close for it. This is the first sign of heat/light stress.

    If you see this then back the light levels off a little. The cheap reliable lux meter I use is the Dr. Meter LX1330B from amazon. There is also phone apps for lux readings but I don't think they are as accurate and unless you have a top level phone camera it won't go over a certain lux reading of about 30,000 or so. Just get a meter and you can stop the guess work it was about $30.

    You see something close to that picture on your plants move the light up.
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  9. Talk with Tbone if you have any questions about lighting. He needs the title"Resident Quantum Board/Lighting Expert" under his name. Think we can make that haopen Admin? Haha jk. But seriously, he helped me out with my QBs by telling me to get a Light Meter. You will NOT regret it. I Think a lot if people would be surprised at how useful a light meter can more guesswork on light distances for me...which means more time for my plants at optimal settings. Instead of the old way of, starting my light at a certain distance and then slowly moving it down until I see light stress.

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  10. That is too high, man. Put the light close to plants. It will benefit them.
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  11. Ok I lowerd my
    Lights and tried to let them can nyone tell me if i did it right this is afteridid it[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. And this is the before pics[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  13. Sorry I meant low stress train them

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