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how can i help my mom?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dido, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Hi good people,
    im completely new to MM but i really believe in the idea so much...
    My mo is about 68 years old...
    she is diabetic and hypertensive...
    she has bone and muscle aches and she had colon cancer and had a surgery years ago... but as side effects she has regular daily diarrhea which is draining her out...
    i wanted to know if i can make anything using hash, keif or marijuana that can help with pain and hopefully constipation...
    i would need something that can be used orally.... with no or minimal high (she never drank alcohol in her life and sure never smoke an not ready to start...
    she is already skeptical about medical cannabis and i finally hardly convinced her with the idea
    i have now a nice piece of hash... very potent smoke... mostly endica from the kind of high i get...
    i would like to try something from that... what would u recommend guys???
    waiting your reply
  2. I would say a cannabis tincture ( green dragon) to take sublingual under the tongue... could be titrated for effects.... keep plenty of fresh black peppercorns on hand to use along with cannabis... black pepper has caryophylene in it ( a terpene) that naturally acts like cannabis in your body and works synergistic with cannabis... just grind it fresh to smell or chew on a whole peppercorn... the black pepper is used to alleviate anxiety as well which could save her from a bad trip... it must be fresh black pepper to work and not pre ground pepper
  3. @Galaxy420
    1-Green dragon?? u mean vodka????
    2- is there another way to administer that away from sublingual???
    it will be impossible for her i know..
    can i give it infused in chocolate or honey or even milkshake??
    3- what should the dose be??
    and how much black pepper?? teaspoon or half for example..
    how many times per day??? any relation to food?? before or after??
    4- and plz just tell me how would that dose help?? relief the pain or help with diarrhea ?? or work as anti inflammatory??
    5-how can i treat the kief to change all the THC to cbd and minimise the "high" but still get the best effects.
    Im sorry for the many questions but u understand its my first time
    thank u in advance
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    You can add the green dragon ( everclear 90 proof) to an edible or warm coffee milk etc... here is a link to a great thread...
    Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

    you will have to experiment on dose... you basically do not want to administer to much in the beginning at once causing her to freak out... that is where the black peppercorn comes in handy as a way to reverse thc psychoactive effects... citicoline is another supplement that is taken along with thc if thc goes the wrong way and causes paranoia..

    just one peppercorn chewed on should be enough caryophylene to augment the thc but she could chew on two as well or smell some too along with chewing... smelling is more direct but fizzles out quickly...

    the peppercorns are anti inflammatory because of the caryophylene terpenes in it and these terpenes act on the same cb receptors that thc/cbd act on just not directly like thc does etc....

    I personally use 7 whole peppercorns freshly ground with the mortar pestle with a tsp of manuka raw honey every morning... it is quite the treat and boosts my anti inflammatory compounds for the day...

    sometimes people will use cannabis and not feel any effects then eat a high fat meal and the thc effects kick in because the fat activates the thc.... be careful with that too but generally though, any effects will wear off with a low fat meal that cannot boost thc but having had a meal beforehand could be a buffer too when trying cannabis the first time... again, it is experimental per person and their own metabolism etc... good luck and give your Mom a big hug from everyone here on the board!

    edit... here is my fav GC thread....
    Cannabis Black Pepper.

    edit 2... thc does not convert to cbd... thc converts to cbn (cannabinol) that is a degradation by product of thc... cbn is the sleep compound in cannabis and it occurs when cannabis is old or over exposed to sunlight or oxygen..
    if there are no cbd molecules in the strain of cannabis you have available you cannot make them from thc... cbd too needs a higher heat point to decarboxylate than thc does so that is a consideration if both thc and cbd are in a strain you're using and you want to access the cbd
  5. @Galaxy420
    ok last question...
    do i need to decarboxylate or activate CBD in anyway??
    would decarboxylation affect the amount or potency??
    will it be affected if i dont decarboxylate??? so i can get the CBD effect without the strong high if using it edible??
    thank u so much in advance
  6. it depends by what you mean cbd...
    say, if you were to eat raw cbd cannabis the cbd compounds would be in acid form (carboxyl acid group) known as cbd-a ( cannabidiol acid)... this carboxylic acid needs to be decarboxylated to make the cbd active medicine... thc too has an acid counterpart ( thc-a) that needs to be removed to make them active molecular agents... smoking or vaping naturally decarbs but if making edibles/ tinctures etc then the herb needs decarb fro those too... you get medical benefit from the acid forms thca/cbda too just a whole lot of material is needed and decarboxylation makes a little bit go a long way

    with that acid surrounding the molecule in raw form your body cannot use the compounds for neuronal signalling because in acid form the cannabinoids are to big to fit into the cb receptors cb1 and cb2... once that carbon shield is eliminated then the molecules can make it through the blood brain barrier and then signal at the neuron
  7. @Galaxy420
    so how can i decarb the CBD to get the most of it?? the same way like THC??
    120 degrees cent for 30-45 mins??
    or is there another cycle??
  8. yes, same way for both... here is a good reference for vaporization temperatures
    Cannabinol Vaporization Temperatures
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    Turmeric tea has been used for centuries for inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression

    Boil some spiced chai with 2-3 teaspoons of ghee, add 1/2 gram of decarboxylated powderized weed in with the hot water, and turn the heat on low. Add in 1 sunflower lecithin capsule, (high in phosphatidylcholine, unlike soy lecithin). Add about 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric, 1/16 tsp. of fresh, finely ground black peppercorn, 1 tbsp of honey. Optional: 1/2 tsp ginger.

    Make sure the lecithin has completely dissolved, and stir thoroughly. To get more potency, you can pour the hot liquid into a blender, on high until the top gets a nice thick foam. Pour about 1/4 of the total into a cup. Drink the first one slowly to find the correct dose, the tea takes effect usually within several minutes. 1 G per 16 oz of tea is just a baseline.

    You can use butter, but ghee will make the tea more potent and taste better. For someone who has a weak system, the ghee is concentrated calories, along with honey. Also will help with constipation, digestion and inflammation.
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