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  1. So I'm redoing my grow area it's expanding to be a 4x3x10foot btall closet I'm thinking about putting 2 600w hps lights in there with a 6inch 440cfm fan cooling both lights and one for air do you guys think that'll keep the lights cool enough
  2. What's the intake air temp? 1, 600 will cover that space.
    My 4x6x8 under 600w MH/HPS...
    The Stretch
  3. Intake air is between 65 to 70 a single does cover it but I wanna grow some trees
  4. Your description is a bit confusing.
    So are your lights in cool tubs and you are pulling air though both via your exhaust fan? Or? In any case, my one 600 in an open wing reflector is just fine in the ambient temps you describe. I would think 2 in cool tubes would do just fine also...and you are in the position that you could reduce it to 1 light in a pinch...or if you have dimmable ballasts you could dial them back.
  5. Yes I'd have one fan pulling air through the cool tubes and one fan for air in the closet right now without a fan a single light would get the closet over 90 just need some opinions before I go cutting more holes in my walls
  6. Not suggesting you go without a fan. I too have a fan like you describe. It is on a variac speed control so I run it at various levels dependent on need. My room is in an unheated barn so heat is only a concern a couple months a year. My exhaust is mounted on the ceiling and is only connected to a carbon filter. My intake is on the floor, opposite. Both are 6" I also utilize both an oscillating fan that blows between the lights and the plants and a box fan on low to also help air movement.
  7. @Bravedave Do you find any certain advantage to having an inline fan for intake vs. just sucking air in through negative presssure? Im debating what to do in my new room.
  8. only time you need an intake fan is if you need to move fresh air from a ways away otherwise passive intake is the way to go
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    Originally, I did have a fan on my intake but noticed that even when off the fan spun like it was on ...because my room is tight. So if yours is tight and you are not drawing from afar, you should not need one. Mine was removed.

    Edit: here is my intake from outside the room. My filter box...
    Ice Bucket

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