The Stretch

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Bravedave, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. At flip...
    Week 1...
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  2. Healthy looking flock of hens there man! I love the stretch... an amazing plant and fun to grow.
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  3. Week 2.
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  4. A gas tank waiting to leak.

    What strain is this?
  5. 3 Paralyzer
    3 Classic Bubblegum Kush

    Both have been beein cloned since the 90s. The BG has a little lower yield but is probably a bit better and it smells so much like Bazooka BG during flower it should come with a Bazooka Joe comic.
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  6. week 3...Think/hope the stretch is over...
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  7. do you cut back on nitrogen during stretch? IOW do you go to bloom nutes at the flip?
  8. Plants need a lot of nitrogen during stretch.
  9. I actually stay both with my MH bulb and my veg nutes (20-10-20) through the stretch. I will be watering tonight. Now, 3 weeks in, I will start the switch to a JR Peter (Jacks) Aquagold finisher which is at 7-15-30. Tonights water and possibly next I will split the difference 13.5-12.5-25. HPS bulb gets fired tonight and I am adding some blues via a 4 ft, 4 bulb T5 unit just for fun. Have a UV bulb coming that I may work in too.
  10. Its amazing how little I use and worry I have room to push. Thanks!
  11. A couple other shots...zoom in!
    3 week trichs.
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  12. It appears anecdotally that MH lighting in general, will allow one to push nute percentages higher than traditional LED. I noticed that My Cree 3590 will allow me to feed much more aggressively than the old school LED and it seems HID possibly is the big daddy of them all in this regard. Again, just an observation. I would like to hear your, and others, take on this. Am I at all realistic?
  13. BTW the structure of those flowers is great.
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  14. but can we regulate the stretch by manipulating the amount of Nitro? Maybe you don't have a lot of vert space for instance. My experiments leaned toward saying yes and also container size(soil grow) has influence too (Fabric pot). Just my 2 cents. I don't want to step on this thread though.
  15. I used horse tail ferment and coconut water foliars and reduced my strength considerably! It also strengthen my stems quite nicely.
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  16. I don't have anything to add as the only LED my plants have ever seen has been on my headlamp. My experience actually has led me to moderation with my nutes but that is a result of dialing in...and I guess its not necessarily moderate as I think my nute mfr. suggests 1tsp per gallon every other water while I give them just a bit over 1/2tsp per, every water.
  17. Although, I expressed some worry...I pretty much know where they were going to end up. This batch is a little taller than my norm but that is because I put off my flip a week. My room could probably handle another 10" or so and more cause they sit a a 2" piece of hardboard insulation...which I really only need for my winter grow.
    Now I know different strains are different but Ihave never seen the doubling and tripping of height people warn about....maybe a bit more than half. I will have to measure these now as they were flipped at 27".
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  18. To be honesst, I start using epson before flip and continue the Veg nutes and the additional N because I did not like seeing my plants looking deficient so early in flower. Every day on this site you can read where some new grower is freaking out because 2-3 weeks into flower they start showing some yellow, ignoring that they just dropped the nute N and are also in need of MG. So yeah it just moves my jumping off point to a time when the buds have a nice start.

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