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  1. Hey all! So im 5 weeks in and just found this forum. Here is my current situation:

    2 - Tangarine Dream Autos
    DWC bubbler 5 gallon setup
    1000w led light
    4×4x7' tent.
    Using AN PH perfect nutes + Voodoo Juice and B52.
    One plant looks great the other is bushier, but seems to have a deficiency its been like this since the beginning. Also I noticed the difference in growth at the nodes.

    Progression Pics :)
    20190509_133006.jpg 20190513_220949.jpg 20190513_220908.jpg 20190509_133019.jpg 20190506_155844.jpg 20190506_155858.jpg 20190515_231119.jpg 20190522_093437.jpg 20190515_230907.jpg 20190520_162919.jpg 20190522_093443.jpg 20190520_162924.jpg 20190525_120310.jpg 20190525_115839.jpg 20190525_120218.jpg 20190525_120153.jpg 20190525_115729.jpg 20190525_115753.jpg
  2. Ph chart.jpg What is your PH? PPM's ? RO water or tap? PPM's of tap? Light height?
    Get Great white or Hydro Guard now don't wait.
  3. @HardDrive Thanks! I had my PH way to high when this occurred and thought I had lockout. I think the plant is recovering just REALLY slow. I have had it now at 5.5 when adjusted daily and never let it go above 6. I noticed today that the higher nodes actually look good.
  4. Good. You don't really get lockouts in hydro unless you are mixing your own brew.
    The leafs that are damaged bad will not recover, just cut em' off, new growth will take off now.
    Set the PH to 5.9 for Hydro. My lsd plants like 6.1 for some reason, so that's where I'm at, but 5.9 is the target and adjust from there if you aint getting 2 inches a day growth after roots hit the water.
  5. What height is your light away from the canopy? What is your light cycle? Are you doing any training to them...ie leaf tucking?
  6. Right now my light is about 25in away. I just moved it closer as I was getting some withering and moving it has since fixed that. They are autos and I am on a 18-6 light cycle. I have been bringing the new growth to the top every so often.
  7. End of week 5:

    Plant with the deficiency is looking WAY better. Getting some wilty or droopy lower leaves, guessing thats normal? Think my humidity is getting a bit high, but if i set to vent temps will drop. Still no signs of flowering, though not sure exactly what I’m looking for but no pistols on the top.

    2 x Tangarine Dream Auto
    1000w light 25in from top of plant.
    Temp 73f
    PH 5.5 - 6.0
    Humidity 60-70
    Light schedule 18-6
    Height about 15-16in
    Calmag 100ppms
    Micro 24ml
    Bloom 24ml
    Grow 20ml
    B52 10ml

    As always any advice or thoughts welcome.
    20190529_221041.jpg 20190529_221036.jpg 20190529_221049.jpg 20190529_221122.jpg
  8. Looks like they are pretty well on track. Nothing of too much concern from where I sit. If I may......I would suggest you do some leaf tucking to get some light down below the canopy.
  9. Week 6:

    Plants took off lile crazy up to 2 feet tall. Think they are showing signs of flowering too :)

    Think i need to up my nutrients still using half of recommended dosage, water is at 1100PPM

    Here is yesterdays info:
    Light 18-20in from top of plants
    5ml calmag
    24ml micro
    24ml grow
    24ml bloom
    12ml voodoo juice
    10ml big bud
    (All Advanced Nutrients line)
    PH 5.4-5.6

    Starting to have a hard time changing water and adjusting PH because the plants are so full they are taking up the whole tent and growing into eachother. I usually put them in a bucket and take them outta the tent, but i feel like im going to start breaking leaves or branches. Any ideas?

    20190606_164358.jpg 20190606_164412.jpg 20190606_164406.jpg
  10. Very nice plant for 6 weeks. Have you begun to see some flowers?
  11. I think they are just now starting to flower. The one is looking a bit farther along than the other. Looks like colas are starting to form on the one and both have white hairs at all the nodes...
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  12. Week 7:
    They are definitely flowering!!! One is a bit behind for some reason, but i think it's fine... anything i need to do at this point? I've been tucking leaves. There is a ton of lower growth, but everything I've read says not to trim autos.

    20190612_115229.jpg 20190612_120043.jpg 20190612_120023.jpg Plant2 (shorter and not flowering quite like the other):
    20190612_120053.jpg 20190612_115141.jpg 20190612_115136.jpg
  13. Week 9 today, think week 5 flower.

    Distance to light is getting close on the big plant. Smaller one is about 20in away. Still 18-6 light cycle. Trimmed the plants back and they are pretty full again, though bud spots are exposed. The browning on the leaves seems to only be in the pictures... new growth looks good. Buds are growing!!!

    5ml calmag
    24ml micro
    20ml grow
    30ml bloom
    12ml b52
    15ml bigbud

    PH 5.4-6.0
    Ppm about 1400
    20190621_001158.jpg 20190621_001132.jpg 20190621_001125.jpg
  14. I do have a question, is it normal to have to adjust PH every day. It shoots up to 6.0-6.5 and i have to lower it back to 5.4-5.5 everyday.
  15. I think week 6 flower, but looks like pictures of other plants that are week 4 or 5... what do you guys think?

    Calmag 5ml
    Micro 32ml
    Grow 30
    Bloom 35
    B52 20ml
    Big Bud 20ml
    Ppm 2000
    Ph 5.4-6.0

    20190627_153922.jpg 20190627_153910.jpg 20190627_153932.jpg 20190627_153848.jpg
  16. Plants are getting frosty!!! So I spotted a thrips or aphid. 90% it was a thrips. I saw 2 and could not find any more anywhere and only on one plant... should i spray them now to be safe with something and what do you recommend? I see alot of people post about Captain Jack Deadbug. Or do you think I'll be or till harvest?
    20190706_183302.jpg 20190706_183331.jpg

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