RDWC, 600w HID, LSD beans

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  1. I'm starting a new grow journal, ain't done one in a while.
    Tent 5*5*6.5, RO water, 600w MH and switching to HPS.
    Cracked 4 beans of LSD feminised 6 days ago.
    Recirculating into a reservoir outside the tent.
    PPM's 260, PH 5.9
    GH 3 part nutes
    Great White for the roots.

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  2. You have two 600 watt HPS in there right? One isn’t even enough for a 4x4?
  3. Only have one light. A 600w HID setup.
    And the tent is a 5x5x6.5
  4. Beans cracked on the 8th and put in cubes while I was gone to Colorado. Here is a pic of them now.
    Roots not yet out of the net pots so I still have to water from the top.

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  5. A 600w HID will be perfectly fine for that tent size bud! This is gonna be a good one. I LOVE DWC

    Im subbed in for this one! LSD!!

    You should check out my journal.

    *New Clones in DWC*


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  6. It’s fine for half the tent. 25 sf requires 1250 watts of HID light to flower properly. If you plan on filling the tent, you need another light. 600 watts isn’t even enough for a 4x4 at 16 sf.
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  7. Not the perfect condition. But it also can work. :smoke:
  8. I've ran 600w for several years and filled the tent wall to wall.
    A 1k watt would be better suited but I should pull over a lb in 90 days or so.

    I've been thinking about adding 4 qb120's as side lighting to the tent. One on the left, one on the right, and two in the back.

    Got 2 plants with one white root that has made it to the water.
    Won't be long until the growth explodes.
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  9. Well fuck....My ballast blew, never checked for 3 days.
    2 are dead, the other 2 are probably gonna die.
    Ballast should be here tomorrow, but this grow is fucked.
    Started cracking some northern lights beans yesterday.
  10. Ok, back on track. Replaced my ballast, got me some beans going again.
    I've been on 12\12 for 10 days now, starting to get pre-flowers now. 20181112_194327.jpg
  11. Here is another pic of the 4 plants.
    Room is full now, think I veg'ed to long. Starting to run out of height. 20181112_194408.jpg
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  12. BullShit
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  14. Here are some early pic's of the Veggin with my 600 watt HID setup in a 5x5 tent system.
    Who says 600 is only half? Yeah if you are running LED's you would need 2400 or so with those
  15. Vegging and flowering are two different requirements. It’s about half the wattage to veg

    You’ll find out when you go to flower. 50 watts per sf of HID lighting and that’s if you can get even spread. Which you won’t.

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  16. Cocos right mate. You want 50w per square foot for hps or blurple leds. Watt for watt they're about the same. High end leds you need a bit less.
    In a 5x5 for you though that means 25sqf which is 1250w. Get fluffy buds and lots of larf otherwise. The bit right under the light will turn out spot on but the rest will suffer for it. You'd be much better off with another one of those lights. Would double your yield and improve the quality all round.

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  17. well I've always used the 600 and have had good results.
    Didn't you see the first two pics that were yellow? HPS and I'm on 12/12, day 11 I think.
    I'll try and keep updated

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