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  1. well i kept my crop hung in a dark cool room at about 72% rh and 60 degrees usually i do like 65 and 65 and in 7 days they are ready this time i am doing it slower and it seems to be paying off and I am not worried about mold really and the room has gotten as high as 80% rh Any thoughts?
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  2. Probably want to keep it below 80% for sure. I think 55-60% is what people usually go for.
  3. What does curing your bud do?
    What Factors a Cause an "Earth" Smell
    Help, Curing question

    An American Dream - White Picket Fences and Marijuana in the So Cal Sun
    This one has the master list of most of the sites I gleaned info from in my quest for the perfect dry and cure

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  4. I'd practice with a small amount of buds..
    Exhaust fan and room fan a must.
    I'd try and keep RH% at 70 or below ,
    I do the 7,7,7 dry/ cure that's dictated by the current weather.
  5. That's my usual but I am trying something new I do air it out twice a day
  6. I can get the temp down in the low 60s I think the last three days I will bring the rh down a bit
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  7. Going to open the room and bring it way down tonight plan is to trim Thursday on my day off and it is still very moist but shrank at least 50 %

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  8. A 7 day dry is just fine if that's what you get. Shorter than that could be a problem. Just don't miss your window to get your stuff in a grove bag or jar if they are drying that fast. Also cure for an extra week to let things work off since they didn't hang as long.
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