What Factors a Cause an "Earth" Smell

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  1. I'm about to be harvesting in 10-14 days and am growing Kosher Kush. The genes of this strain are top tier and the buds currently on the plant smell and look the same.

    Two weeks ago, so about 4 weeks premature, I cut down a branch for the hell of it to see how it would turn out it I tried to dry and cure it. I know I didn't 'properly' dry the branch because I had it open in my car, on my bureau, in a cabinet etc. Pretty much everything during the drying process that I did was incorrect which I know. Regardless of how incorrect I dried it, I then put it in a jar for 3-4 days opening it a couple times a day and the bud smells like complete earth. Very disappointing to say the least.

    Does anyone have input as to why it might smell so earthy and what to do to prevent that from happening. Was it simply because the sample I was working with was too premature? Was the incorrect drying the main factor? Any thoughts would be great!
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    Lol, u got what u paid for. It is the smell the strain makes. It is also one of the better lauded strains for taste.

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  3. Screwed the dry so no cure was possible.. I learned the hard way screwing up time after time before I got a grip on what I was doing wrong..

    My grow is So Calif and between the temps and the very low humidity it's very easy to over dry.. Even a single day to long on the line can ruin it all..
    To keep the wife happy all my work is restricted to the garage so I get to be inventive at times.. If you search long enough you'll come across the 777 of curing .. This being the 7 days @ 70 degrees @ 70% humidity.. Works well if you have a temp and humidity controlled room.. We don't so we use jars to achieve the same ends..

    While I started in jars this soon proved impractical trying to unscrew all the jars over and over.. Some trial and error later I worked out a method to limit exposure to our stone dry air and still get things done in a timely way..

    I take the plant a branch at a time and trim close while seconds off the living plant.. All the leafs are standing tall and you don't get a better shot at trimming.. Hang..
    Depending on temp and humidity this stage can take from 24 hours to a week.. just hung bud is dead limp to the touch after 12 hours or so.... When the buds start to stiffen when slightly compressed I remove from the branches..
    And the buds get placed in cut down paper shopping bags about 3 inches tall..
    Next I place the bags in a air snug-tight container.. Mostly I use either an Ice Chest or a New unused Trash Can.. I try and size the container to the load.. You don't want 1 bag of buds in a trash can..
    While I did use several hygrometers early on for this stage I've since found I can do it all just by feel now.. Leave bags in can till limp to the touch again.. This first day that won't take very long. a couple of hours... Once limp remove from container and set bags out till stiff when compressed slightly.. I'll flip the contents of the bags to a third bag to get the lowest buds up on top.. I'll continue this rotation of the bags into and out of the container gradually spending less and less time exposed.. the last few days the bags will only be out an hour or so.. This takes me about 7 days..
    This is where I do use the Hygrometers.. The can is now acting like a large jar.. Your best readings come in the morning after the can has had 12 hours or more to stabilize and will tell you how much exposure your product will need that day.. Combined with a hygrometer telling me what is outside helps..
    A full can requiring a single meter as well as being able to get the product in and out rapidly made this a much more practical way at least in the extremely dry SW USA..

    Once the can has reached 65% and 7 to 10 days have elapsed It gets jarred in Half Gallon mason jars with a 62% Boveda 60 gram and I'm done.. 60 days minimum cure time for me.. Longer is better but you'll have a very respectable smoke in 2 months..

    Caution this may get you a large container of mold in a less dry area.. Just what I've worked out in my smoking hot and extremely dry garage..

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  4. BNW, thanks for that thoughtful answer. I'm going to definitely make it a point to get that little humidity reader gauge and keep an eye on the temp/humidity of the room. Giving it enough time without rushing anything is the other thing I need to be pateint with. Your crop looks really good too!
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  5. look to the 'water cure' as a cheap alternative

    I soak my buds for 3 days, change water daily, then hang to dry, like my socks ..lol
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  6. @BrassNwood .

    Thanks for the write up. My first run went perfectly but last few I've had a problem with overdrying (just from being too busy mostly). I'm thinking of buying a bunch of 3" deep boxes to stack to do the initial drying instead of the hanging tiered basket I've done in the past. I think it'll achieve a slower dry than the basket. The 777 makes sense to me.

    I really want to make a curing room. That just seems like the best way to go about it. Thanks again for the info.
  7. Do people really think weed smells like potting mix? Really?

    Kosher is one of my faves. Straight distinct sour smell just like the flavor. Try buying Kosher from a shop and it's going to smell like peanut shells. So will the Blackberry, so will the Sour D, so will the Ghost of Leroy. None of these are "earthy" , anywhere in the world, except in the hands of legal grow ops. Why is that?

    It's uncured starches in the plant. That probably latched on to some soil pathogen if that shit never turns tart/sour. When all the bud smells exactly like something in the medium, you cant blame it on genetics. Dirt is not kush. Kush is not dirty. Kush is a food hog. Dirt is undigested plant food. Should be obvious Cannabis accumulates from the environment.
  8. Bad dry
    Bad cure
    Early harvest
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  9. I’ve grown kosher kush, depending on the pheno she is a keeper/ stunner and no longer available via seed so I’m guessing you got a cut from someone? If so is there a big difference between what you grew and what they grow?

    What nutrients did you use? A lot of nutrient lines end up giving plants a baseline flavor and smell that is a result of the chemicals the plant was forced to consume using osmotic pressure. Also it’s common in hydro set ups and coco as well that someone may end up locking out the magnesium and calcium and then you’ll get a very lack luster smell.

    Kosher should smell earthy? But also musky, very diesely and sour with a big kick of black pepper too.
    To make sure you get the best smell dry the entire plant as slowly as you can and then cure it. But I’m guessing something happened in your root zone to compromise the terpene profile expression and now your buds may not have the scent you are looking for.

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  10. I haven't had an Earth smell, but more of a freshly cut grass scent. I panicked a bit, then read a few threads on here. That is often the case until properly cured. I burp my jars twice a week and they are now starting to get a nice skunky smell to them. Took awhile, but it's getting more pungent with each burp. Hopefully, that's your case as well.
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