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Yes, I know NOTHING.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yogurt, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. So I made a homemade bong, because I'm a cheap ass:

    Plastic water bottle, plastic tubing starts a few inches above the bottle, goes through the cap, down to about .5 inches from the bottom. On the top sits a (what looks and feels to be) metal tip of a pen, creating a bowl. Through the same cap is another tube that starts about 2 inches below the cap, goes through, and up and out to the mouth.

    The bottle has a hole in it for the carb.

    So it definitely works, but I'm worried about safety: i.e. PLASTIC, PLASTIC, PLASTIC.

    Are plastic tubes okay? And if I'm not sure completely if the bowl is pure metal or not, should I just get a new one?

    Edit: I tried it and smell fucking burning plastic from the tubes...shit.
  2. If you can smell the burning plastic please for the love of god do not keep smoking it! Atleast you are aware of the health hazards and didnt say fuck it and keep smoking. Try making a gravity bong for now before you can find something healthier to smoke out of. Not saying gbongs are healthy but healthier than than what your smoking out of and they get you really really high :smoking:
  3. I used to be quite the homemade bong maker back in my early days I made some pretty cool shit. in my experiences with pen tips for bowls they aren't a good idea. Not only are they small but alot of them are made up of shitty metal or coated with metal that will burn off just test by torching it for a couple seconds to see if it melts or gives off a weird smell.

    Best way to make a homemade bong: Get a bottle of preferred sized regular waterbottle works fine. make a hole for the downstem and take apart a pen and use the casing for the downstem. I liked to make bowls outta clay but if you don't have any go find a socket wrench to use as a bowl. Then what I'd do was secure the bowl to the downstem and make sure the spot where the downstem goes into the bottle is airtight by using sticky tack and it worked like a charm. Oh and don't forget the carb.

    Now I just stick with the Roor lol get one of those.

    Hope this helps,
    the harvester
  4. Honestly, I'd rather smoke out of a soda can than a plastic bottle. Not saying that is exactly healthy either, but at least it isn't poisonous (or at least not to the same degree). It will probably hit worst, but that's a small price to pay for your health.

    Smoking out of an apple is always my preferred way whenever I don't have a piece. Just make sure that you get all the seeds out or you risk cyanide poisoning.
  5. Ok that's ignorant. Smoking out of a pop can is actually poisonous, smoking aluminum which is you are actually doing because you light the bud where all that ink and aluminum is and smoking aluminum is proven to be a cause of alzheimers and not to mention the ink it is def poisonous. With a plastic bottle your not acually lighting the bottle so it's fine, just may taste a little weird.

    And how the duece can seeds give you cyanide poisoning? I think your full of shit sorry.

  6. I never said smoking out of a soda can was exactly healthy for you either, but since you most commonly use aluminum foil as a bowl for plastic bottles anyway, you might as well use a soda can to get the plastic poison out of the equation. Anyway, fuck both. Use an apple.

    Apple seeds contain amygdalin which converts as cyanide. It causes you to not be able to intake oxygen. Smoking increases the effects so if a seed is burnt, it can cause temporary oxygen deficiency. I've become light heated by this before, and have heard stories of people passing out from it.
  7. I really don't think smoking out of a bottle is harmfull to you as long as your not actually igniting it. Pop cans and aluminum in general is definitly harmful and should be a last resort thing.

  8. The plastic being heated at all is hazardous.
  9. #10 Yogurt, Nov 4, 2009
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    NEW QUESTION: Do you need to be over 18 to buy a bong? and online?
    I am, but I'm curious.

  10. yeah you do =\\

    If the pen cap is legit metal, just smoke out of it man, forget the plastic.
  11. Agh, I meant online.

    And the pen didn't work out well, bad smell...but I found a hollow screw that I used hahaha.
  12. why does it matter? you have to be 18 to be on this website so there should be no problems here :rolleyes:
  13. I wanted to know what the laws were. I said that =/
  14. metal tip of a pen?? that's probably more plastic than you may think. go get a glass stem for 5 bucks at a smoke shop and fuck around with that.i can show you my homemade bong and how to make one like it as soon as i can get my hands on a camera.

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