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  1. Hey sorry for posting this, Im sure there has been a lot of posts here that ask this but I have seen so many different answers I didnt know what to go on.

    Basicly lets say i was a proffesional grower and I growed indoors under the right lights, used the right nutes etc. What could I expect to harvest from each plant?

    I have heard things from like around an ounce up to a pound per plant.. wtf? And if you could make a plant produce a pound, how?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. There are so many variables, that this question cannot be accurately answered.

    It depends most of all on how much light you have, & the strain you grow.

    I usually get 2-3 oz's per plant, but I am using a moderate yielding strain.

    You can get as much as 4 oz's per plant, but it is difficult.

    As far as yielding 1 lb. per plant simply is not possible.

  3. An elbow per plant indoors is not impossible but I agree mighty hard. You would need a very large pot, a whole lot of space, and a whole lot of light per plant.

    There are different methods of growing that impact yield per plant, depending on your goals. SOG, for example, tries to maximize yield in the space you have by cramming many small plants in there together. Topping, fimming, LST, and scrog, on the other hand, are techniques designed to get the max yield per plant.
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    It is possible to get a 1LB per plant, you dedicate the whole space and 1 light just to 1 plant.

    If you isolate a big version of a pheno like a Pineapple Pheno, anything is possible.

    Not possible to run a car on water too, but I got a hydrogen cell installed and it is working, lol....
  5. Probably the best guide to how much you will yeild is your experience. If this is your first grow, don't expect to much. Try to improve your setup every time and you should yeild a little more each time. 2-4 oz per plant indoor is a good estimate of what you can pull if done right.

  6. it is more than possible to get a pound a plant indoors [ame=""]YouTube - Green House Arjan's Thai-Tanic Grow with Russian Subtitles[/ame] the guys at greenhouse seeds do it they have like 10 vids where they get more than a pound a plant indoors u just need the space and equipment
  7. Wow that plant in that vid is huge! Over 3 pounds!? How much light do you think they are using for that one plant?

    Also how come it is easier to get a pound per plant outdoors than indoors?

    I guess your overall yeild has less to do with how many plants but more so the amount of light for each plant? And the time you take to grow it?

    So what is the most efficiant growing method? Where you would maximize annual yeild per light i guess, rather than per plant.
  8. Two factors: root volume and light. Indoor plants are limited by the size of the pot you put it in -- to support a bigger plant you need a bigger root system. And, the sun provides the very best and most intense light a plant could want.
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    C'mon, you guys. We know that it is indeed possible to get a pound indoors, provided you have enough space, light, big enough pot, the right strain, & and an extended veg period.

    I would gather that 99% of people who grow, do not grow a single plant indoors to that height & width. It just isn't feasible.

    So I don't like to tell people that you can get a lb. per plant indoors when there are so many extenuating circumstances to actually achieve a lb. per plant.

  10. there is literally NO way to know this with the info you've provided.

    If you have the space, you could be harvesting 6 footers with a 1/2 pound on each, likewise, you could not have that space, and be getting 5-6 grams.

    and mind you, equipment is not everything.

    you can have great equipement, but poor practice, and end up with some smokeable buds up top and light buds on the bottom, that can pretty much only be used for hash/bho
  11. right, fresh people don't get pounds per plant, ok, new goal, 1 - 2 Ounces per plant, how's that sound ? lol

    pick your style, get a camera, start a journal and we'll guide you through:D
  12. Was answering KMuffs

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