WTF, it costs money to file a police report?

Discussion in 'General' started by tdavis020, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Ok so basically a cop illegally searched my apartment and I talked to a lawyer about everything and he cannot charge us with anything, and they told me I should file a police report on the cop/guy who came to our apartment. I went to the citys website and it says $100 to file a police report, so I googled "file a police report in ____" and another website popped up saying it would cost $20 to file one. Either I am reading everything wrong, or looking up the wrong stuff, but why would it cost money to file a report on an officer who abused his powers? Seems to me like they are trying to protect the officers? Thats my story for why I want to file a police report on the guy
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  3. I would Imagine online, yes. Get off your ass and go to the Courthouse.
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  5. I totally agree with that the cops abuse their powers and should be reported, but if it costs money.. it's going to be a waste it's not like they will do anything about it anyways im sure. cops tend to stick together.. so i wouldnt bother.. but if you do i hope it works out for you!
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  8. Did the lawyer advise you to file a police report about this?

    Get that clarification from the lawyer. In general, filing police reports against cops is a great way to get harassed for the rest of your life.
  9. look up the cop's address on your respective county's real estate records site and pay him a visit. (ya know, just to tell him he should try to be nicer to people in the future)

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