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  1. Bought a complete set up, a 120x120x200 tent, 125cfl, 600 hps, 4 pot Wilma, bag of coco, rhino filter, and advanced nutrients. Seen on threads that people using coco soak it and let it drain off. Will the Wilma provide enough water with only the drip?
  2. what's Wilma? I haven't heard of that. Of course I don't know much to being with.

    FWIW, is Betty in there with Wilma? :D... if so what are they doin'
  3. have you any experience with coco? run-off is key.
  4. Wilma system... Drip feed. And no mate complete beginner first grow.
  5. I use drip feed (Blumats) with coco. It's straightforward. I don't do anything with the coco beforehand, but it depends on your water supply. Some say you need to cal/mag charge it. My water is mainly rainwater, so no mag or cal in there. I use Canna A+B, which has a measure of both in. No problem with growth or flowering...

    I assume Wilma is a run to waste method, from what I recall. You don't really want that with expensive noots, unless you're re-cycling( I think it is recycled in the Wilma).
    No reason why Coco wouldn't be ok, but I'm no expert. I had a load of complete fails with soil.. switched to coco two grows back... no complaints about the Bluemats or the Coco, or the Noots. Canna range.
  6. Set everything up last night and all looks fine. Only couple of inches tall so not following guidelines on nutes yet. Filled the reservoir with 26 litres and put a tiny bit of a and b on to get em started
  7. Are you just running a one pot hydro? Are you using the coco grower system from general hydroponics?
  8. i use a 4 pot wilma with coco/perlite mix and blue drippers,have them timed to water twice a day for 15 mins, watch the plants, will soon let you know if more is needed
  9. just to add also have a water pump in reservoir to keep water moving,change water at least once a week
  10. I use wilmas bro what size pots do you have, I cant remember if the 4 pot comes in big, as they call, 18 ltr pots.
  11. How do you get on with the blue drippers, they are meant for pebbles and i think rockwool, because they run more. I use 2 ltr hour drippers the black ones these are meant for coco but i was wondering how the blue ones would do.
  12. blues work fine, use 70/30 coco/perlite so drains well,after 3-4 weeks veg,water 3x15 mins a day,but this is only my 3rd grow so could have it wrong, use all canna and follow thier guide for normal feed,

  13. Ok thats good to know.

    I use canna coco and clay pebbles, i put about 1 3rd of pebbles in the bottom of the pot for drainage.
    Then i put two 3rds of coco on top. I use 2ltr hour drippers and they feed 4 times a day also 15 mins, so my plants get fed 2 ltrs a day.
  14. used coco and clay pebbles last grow but found the coco got bit compressed. using air pots, so this grow put clay pebbles in bottom and coco/perlite mix,have noticed drains more,so might have to up feeding times,like said only 3rd grow, growing in a scrogg, sure i read some were you do as well, might be wrong
  15. Not wrong mate, i do.

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