Willie nelson's been busted again.. F-kin cops,

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. They need to give him a break he's an old man he can do what he wants
  2. Well the important part is that willie is fine and well and im sure of this

    he's not afraid and hes not worried
  3. I doubt anything bad will happen to him.

    It'll just be the same as his other arrests...
    oh yeah how many have there been? :rolleyes:

    Some cops are lame.
  4. he's been my hero since he played UNCLE JESSE on the dukes of hazzard movie,,,,,

    we at grasscity got your back homie,,,

  5. Whoa whoa whoa. Did this happen in bizarro world? because if I got caught with all that in the Bible Belt, I'd never be seen again.

  6. plea bargains and good lawyers, my man. being a multi-millionaire dont hurt either:cool:

    good luck, red headed stranger. He'll make it thru this one just like......well all the other ones:p
  7. a prick cop saw his tour bus and decided he wanted to get his name in the papers
  8. haha this is exactly wtf i was thinking. crazy crazy
  9. what i found to be funny,,,,

    is he told the cops WE GOT A TEA-PARTY.......WHAT ABOUT A TEA-POT PARTY....

    willies the man,,,,:cool:
  10. Border patrol checkpoint; they smelled it.

    There are over 10K members in his new Tea Pot Party. :hello::smoke:

  11. dayummmm... what a bummer :(
  12. that's what is cool about being famous and rich. you can get busted with mad drugs or whatever and get away with it.

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