Will Tobacco be Banned in the Future?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jane_Bellamont, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. Freedom around the world is in jeopardy..

  2. To be frank, I'm not a smoker and have never found the habit appealing.

    Having said that, I can .. and do enjoy the occasional Cuban cigar at the bar .. maybe once or twice a year? I have to admit .. I do it more for show than for the 'nicotine buzz'.. but it's still fun. :cool:


    Like I said, freedom around the world is in jeopardy.. and it's starting to make me kinda sad. I thought we would have learned from the past lessons of alcohol Prohibition in the US. Even though I'm not a smoker, I would risk every ounce of my freedom to fight for your right to smoke tobacco.

    Believe it or not - I love the smell of Tobacco. I'm not offended if somebody lights up next to me. It always reminded me of when my dad took me to restaurants in Germany as a kid ... I always loved the smell of Tobacco, always associated it with something positive . but no, I don't depend on nicotine .. maybe caffeine, but not ciggies. . and I don't think I could afford do. I'd have nothing left to pay the groceries with.

    Nazi Germany 2.0 is around the corner, I'm afraid. It's gonna happen. Humans are evil.

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  3. Tobacco won't be banned. It's just gonna get more and more expensive until people start robbing and stealing for cigarettes.
    Or maybe if we're lucky it'll be subject to better laws like I hope all drugs will.
    Should it get banned I'm gonna go to Berlin and throw stones at every politician.
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  4. The anti tobacco brigade are fierce annoying. I'm down with the smoking ban in bars and public buildings because nobody should have to inhale my smoke but fuck banning it outside.

    There would be uproar with lots of angry nicotine craving people roaming the streets.
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  5. Grow your own if possible.
    They're pretty plants and interesting to watch during their development.

    But that's my answer to all "banned" items.
    Make your own

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  6. Tobacco ban is a no no, though I'd love to see international tobacco reform. Fuck the tabac industry and their chemicals, radioactive soil, advertising, etc.
    Actual organic tobacco(not american spirit) would be awesome to see, as it's far less addictive and slightly less deadly, I'd have blunts for days...
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  7. Smoking cigarettes will all ways be legal as long as politians are own buy big tobacco company's who work hand and hand with the big farmacutical companies.
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  8. yeah I agree with you here. I was a smoker, still do on occasion, but I don't agree with them literally stripping the ability to do this. BUT, prohibition did teach the government a lot. And it obviously learned from it. It learned that they have a blank check book when it comes to enforcing prohibition, regardless of what it is. Carte Blanche with the budget. How many federal organizations were made just to combat the prohibition of drugs and alcohol? How many hundreds of billions have been spent? Thats what the government learned.

    And isn't growing your own tobacco illegal in the US? Or is it possesing a tabacco seed or something. The government locked down on it at one point I believe.
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  9. Growing your own is legal, you just can't sell it because then Uncle Scam wouldn't be able to steal part of your profit and the big tobacco industry that pays off the state to protect them would get pissed.
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  10. Must be desperate to justify the bullshit agencies that have been justified by the war on drugs, largely fueled by war on cannabis. With that dwindling, well, it makes sense they would want to create a new black market for revenue and the above reason... That and now that they have usurped the insurance industry, they need people to not use tobacco so they can maximize profits.

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  11. When my window fan is on, tobacco
    smoke from the neighbors blows in to my apartment. In order to stop it, I must close the window or use the fan's reverse direction feature. This is a quality of life issue, and moving elsewhere is not necessarily going to fix it.
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  12. That's why weed is not legal everywhere. If i made a $100,000 off of growing marijuana I'm not giving they as like 20,000 in tax money. You see,they know this . They want what's not theirs. It's like if you are a shady person will you trust others to be honest? Probably not. And it said for people who are making million from marijuana paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and they have to live with some day the government kicking down your door. That bs
  13. No they will find out its the best way to cure cancer
  14. The reason that the war on drugs is so focused on marijuana is because the government controls the coke pipe lines for their own private project funding. Let's say you trust your government. But do you trust he people on the ground who are making these moves and arrest. No one knows where all the money truly goes. Then if you legalize pot a lot of people would be out of a law enforcement job or behind a desk. Marijuana is the reason the drug war budget is so big. Now take that away and watch the domino effect. But then what the government will do is stage acts of violence in the name of marijuana to put the heat back on our medicine. Ridiculous!
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  15. Hell no.

    Profits will never be banned
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  16. I think it is more insidious.

    I suspect prostitution and drugs are illegal because they are both in high demand, what better way to launder money and rake in huge profits to fund lavish lifestyles and black projects? Not only do they have a huge market but they also have the 'color of law'-enforcement to crush any competition.

    "Let's say you trust your government"

    I don't, my government is natural law.

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  17. I'm only against it becuase they will most likely try to group it in with Cannabis smoke, start charging more for swishers/wraps. Fuck that. Isn't it banned already in a few places?
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  18. The only bad thing about legalization is that everyone and their Mama will be growing. It would flood the market with mediocre weed that people will buy anyway because the price will be to good to refuse. Wich In turn would probably collapse the price of high grade weed. In Detroit when loud began to be popular I would say back in 2009. Most people still smoked reggos cuz the price was better. You get 2grams of regs for $10. Apposed to .3 for ten bucks in those days.
  19. I understand the thought, but there would be nothing wrong with the price collapsing.


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