Will 5 ziploc bags stop smell of weed in a bookbag?

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  1. Would 5 ziploc bags cover weed smell in a bookbag
  2. I had 2 grams in the front pouch of my sr year backpack for probably 4 months. I didn't even realize it until I was at school eating lunch and I pulled 2gs outta my bag :lmafoe:. Slipped out to my car, left campus, got baked, and went to DE Bio... It was a good day, I miss that high school shit so much :pimp:

    The main factor is determining how strong the bud smells. If it's weak, one bag will be fine. If it's strong, put it in a bag or two, then into a sock, then tuck the sock into itself. That's how I do it when I go back home from the Univ.
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  3. Don't be stupid
    Never take Drugs into a school Period.
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  4. Lots of schools also have K-9 units that sniff backpacks and cars, so yes, never bring it to school. If you do, make sure it's hidden well in your car.
  5. Weed inside airtight air lock bag. Inside a zip. 2nd zip encase the herb in coffee. 3rd zip, some type of pepper, scotch bonnet is my favorite. 4th zip coffee again. Dog proof

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  6. Pro tip for zip locks, turn bag inside out and place bud in. Twist middle of bag and push buds back through the top so it can be sealed.

    Also don't bring weed to school.
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  7. Maybe if it doesn't smell bad it would work. To be completely sure you need that air-tight shit like a pill bottle or jar for bud that's extra funky. Even a smell proof bag isn't a guarantee because it's hard to completely seal them after they get used a while.
  8. This.

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  9. I'm pretty sure weed will permeate through all the plastic layers eventually, even if vacuum-sealed I believe.

    I wouldn't advise taking it to school, but if u really still want to, I suggest getting an 8$ airtight jar from Amazon. I prefer the black-colored "tightvac" because it's not see through like mason jars and the airtight seal is the best I've tried so far. If u would rather stick to zip locks, then I'd say cover with at least 4 if it's high quality weed. If it's mids or lower I think two is enough.

    Just make sure the outside of the container is always weed-free. Even when u handle weed and close it, there will still be a weed smell from the outside. Sometimes it's not enough for humans to smell, but I'm pretty sure dogs will.
  10. Mini Mason jar? Way easier then fiddling with 5 zip lock baggies
  11. I had literally the WORST school district when it came to drug policy which is why I second everything everyone said on this thread. On April 20th of my junior year, they brought in a giant team of police officers with K-9 units... we were in the middle of our 2nd block class and we see tons of officers walking down the halls through the side windows of our classrooms with dogs sniffing the lockers. The town used a LOT of taxpayer money and wasted a lot of resources... people were so smart that they only "busted" TWO people with one gram each. And all of those officers were taken away from trying to stop actual crime. They did the same thing at the very expensive, rich private academy as well and found 25 cars in the student parking lot had drugs in them.

    Also, this same public school district tried implementing a rule where throughout the year, students were randomly selected for drug tests and if they failed they would be suspended for a few days, forced to go to a drug education class, and then ordered to take a new test in like 45 days. This was AFTER I graduated and I went to the schoolboard meeting and called them OUT, told them it was unconstitutional. They told me that since a public school is government property, they have the right to. I told them NO because a law forces them to go to school and they are unfairly selected and could possibly be targeted or discriminated against and have their education compromised. I said they would be SUED. They quickly STOPPED this proposal.
  12. Get something air tight. Even a hair gel container will help. Put it into a zip-lock and pop it into the gel container, that's how i usually deal with it (Empty hair gel containers fcorse). If you wanna be safe, get a airtight container like a tighvac.
    Yes it costs more than 5 ziplocks but its smell proof !
  13. What the actual fuck? You can't force anyone to take a drug test unless it's court ordered and especially not if they are a minor. My school board is just as retarded here I've been to a few meetings myself (to claim awards not to protest) and everyone on the board is a dumbass soccer mom with nothing better to do than to try to be a hero "for the kids." They have no idea what they are doing and they sure as hell don't know the law. As for schools, I get the locker search thing, but if they want to search vehicles in the parking lot without a warrant, they better at least take down the sign that says "we are not responsible for any lost or damaged property in this lot" because they can't have it both ways. End rant.

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  14. If it's some higher quality bud your backpack will smell like a skunks butthole but if it's regs u should be fine
  15. From dogs or humans?

    From humans, maybe. From dogs no.

    Try burying or hiding the weed off school grounds and going for it during lunch. That way the dogs lack jurisdiction over your weed area. Jurisdiction is its own legal defense.
  16. That is how stoners did it back in the day at my school. They banded together and built a huge fucking tree house off school grounds for smoking weed using borrowed industrial ed wood.
  17. Plasticware or tupperware friend watch Barry's video forget ziplock

    I go double plasticware driving through the gestapo parts of OC, CA and no smell until I unlock the plasticware. And I smoke the Super K bro
  18. if its dogs, then no. I have heard it takes a lot more, like vacuum sealed bags cleaned with alcohol, sealed again and then cleaning with alcohol again, while wearing fresh gloves each step... or using a giant glass ampule and sealing with a torch and cleaning with alcohol and using gloves...... thats what i heard tho. no first hand experience with dogs or having to be that secretive.. but one can only speculate.
  19. one time i had some hindu kush i bought at school and let me tell you that shit was the smelliest weed i ever smelt in my life. as soon as i walked up to my dealer in school before first hour i could smell and i was like fuck this is the day i get caught. but i had gym 2nd hour so i put it in my gym locker sprayed axe all over it, when we were done with class and went to change the room smelt like weed and some kids where like man whose smoking in here and shit. and well i moved it to an empty gym locker so if it was found i wouldn't get caught. (it was in 2 bags then in a pair of folded socks) i came back at the end of the day it was still there and i was fine. i never bought weed in school again after that xD so put it in your gym locker if you have one and hope the smell of sweat is stronger xD

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