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Why do my clones do this?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bigk666, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. So I got 2 of like 20 clones to root finally, couldn't seem to make it happen in rockwool but got these two in some Fox Farm Light Warrior, in a dome under a 23w fluorescent tube, about 6" above it, with a heat mat under it on a thermostat at 85 degrees F.

    The problem is that all the growth tips on one and most on the other have like shriveled up and dried up. but it dosent look like drying up, it looks like some fungus or something. One has had roots for a good 3 weeks, and has almost filled the cup its in with roots, they are growing roots like crazy but no plant growth at all. Its in a clear cup of soil inside another dark cup out of the dome now.

    The clones started under a dome, and got sprayed with 5.5 ph plain water twice a day for about 5 days, but i took them out when the growth tips started turning brown and shitty, and i could see roots coming.

    The plants they came from are from feminized Nirvana White Castle, all very healthy growing in FFOF soil, under a 1000 watt hps. My problem now is that i really need these clones to live because these 3 plants they came from are really strong and nice looking females, but they are getting too big for my room and had to go 12/12 last week.

    heres the pics, theyre not very good, but you can kinda see what i mean. what do youguys think this is? whats my problem? this is my 4th real grow, and i have the growing down pretty good for sure, but have never really got clones to root till now and this shit happens lol. :(

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  2. thanks guys, I'll definitely try one of those, but where i live its hard to get above around 15-20% humidity, so would they still work good without a dome?

    Also this dosent answer why they are doing what they are doing. Everything would be fine if i knew why i get this fungus or whatever it is. how can i prevent this? When i take the clones, I use a new razor cleaned with alcohol with rubber gloves on. everything is clean when i do it.

    has anyone else had this problem? is it airborne? why dont the plants they came from get this fungus? Ive never seen it so im just confused as hell about it. It seems to happen to every clone i take.

    and the funniest thing is the roots are growing like crazy, but the plants have no growth tip to grow from lol.
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    You don't need any special contraption.
    Don't put your clones under light right away.
    You don't want them growing up to the light, you want them concentrating their energy on throwing roots for a few days to a week after cloning.
    I put mine in a tiny peat pot with some Faffard Farm potting soil, and I use rooting poweder on the cut end.
    Make sure the soil is soaked through BEFORE you put your clone in it.
    Wet to the point that the peat pots are soaked through.
    Set them in a plastic tub with sides high enough that you can saran wrap the top.
    Put them in a warm, dark room or closet and look in on them twice a day, the plastic wrap should be sweated, do NOTHING for a day or two and then lift the plastic and see if you need to wet the soil again, you probably will, also if their is not a lot of condensation on the clones, (and their should be at this stage), spray them, if they are wet from condensation, don't spray them.
    Add a spot of water to each plant daily and in a day or two more you can pull the plastic and put them under light, I go straight to flower.
    If, when you start looking in daily after the first two days, and you start to see sllimey brown leaf tipping, there's too much condensation and heat, roll back the plastic for half a day or so and then reseal as soon as you see the plants perk up -- should be within 12 to 24 hours.
    I have a 9 out of 10 success ratio getting clones to throw root with this method.
    Nothing fancy.
    Good Luck!

    Oh and if anyone is reading this, I posted a question about my "bonsai" here with pics:
    I'd appreciate feedback if anyone has prior experience...

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