who had bad weather today?

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  1. had almost four inch of rain. more rain on the way.:(
  2. Send it here, South Carolina is having a drought.
  3. GA is getting some rain and wind off and on over the past few days
  4. Nice, cool sun today.

    All good here! :D
  5. Was extremely sunny all day here in Florida.
  6. it was hot all week here in cali and now its cloudy and raining....my babies are outside and probably freezing :eek:

  7. i hear ya
  8. Cold and damp here with about .2 inches of rain. Been like this every 3 or 4 days. It' nerveracking. Where is summer?
  9. Yeah. weather in cali today is super windy and overcast. =( makes me wish I had some lamps.

    poor sproutlings T_T
  10. funny you said that hahaha we got a good bit of rain all day in my neck of the woods today. but yes were still in a drought
  11. crap, all foggy, cloudy, rain from 6am till 10am then cleared up for an hour around noon, now its cold, and cloudy.
  12. Weather has been sp perfect, couldn't ask for better
  13. weathers been cloudy the last 1 week and rainy too...slow growth is slow
  14. I feel ya man.

    It's the middle of freakin may, almost june, bring on the sunshine already. It's like a damn swamp around here. Near constant rain. Irish fog through half the day. Ridiculous. :(

    The ones I set out in the early part of april don't seem to mind. Checked on em a day or so ago and they're growin like you'd expect em to. All my new sprouts look like crap though. Sittin em on the windowsill is just makin em stretch. I finally said screw it and broke out the lights.
  15. more bad weather today. had to cover my girls again do hard rain:(
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    Was 56-60 all day Tuesday. Cloudy too. S'posed to be 71 today. Sunny too.

    OK, KS and TX panhandle getting nailed again. I bet my acreage on the Neosho River is flooded out again.

    First time I've seen Sun in 5 days!
  17. good thing you did not have plants on your land.
  18. I built a few wooden box frames with plastic, like mini greenhouses to put oven the plants for when it rains.. one of the plants is growing to quick to build one big enough but the way i look at it... the rain is acid rain and i dont want it in my soil

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