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Which states are hard to find dank in?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. An old friend of mine visited recently. He moved to Texas a couple of months ago and said he couldn't find anything but schwagg down there.

    Maybe he just needs more time to source some sweet sinsemilla, but I sometimes forget how much easier it is to find good marijuana here in California.

    Where, in your estimates, is it hard/hardest to find good marijuana in the USA?

    Good marijuana, according to my own personal definition, is at least seedless, somewhat dense, and properly dried and cured.
  2. NJ has dank. i would imagine humboldt county or mendocino county has some good bud in cali.i think there is good buds in every state if you are willing to drive a little bit and know the right people
  3. I'm in Florida and I can't find any dank. That being said, I only have one connect, so maybe i'll find some in time.
  4. damn ha i go to school in orlando - and i have to say its quite a selection of dank stuff - find better connects!!
  5. You can get good bud in any state. Cause its pricey people are willing to relocate it to where ever there is a market...which is everyhhere. As far as getting it, generally speaking the states with the strictest laws are the states where it is hardest to find, and where it is the most expensive. I can go to ny and get an eighth for 35 bucks. Come across to jersey, and the same bud jumps to 60. Strict laws make for a lucrative market silly politicians

  6. I'm in Orlando too. You go to UCF? Or if you're in high school, probably Dr. Phillips right? You don't have to say if you don't want to, i'm just curious.
  7. actually full sail
  8. Its no problem to find some dank in mass. at least not in the boston area. i remember i used to go up to maine every once in a while, and would only be able to find mids if anything. maybe i just wasnt lookin in the right places though.

  9. lol I was suppose to be going there.
  10. Missouri. Plenty of schwag. Mids if you're LUCKY. Dank, man, no. Maye in KC or STL, but that was a 4 hour drive, and still not easy to find. It sucked.
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    The laws will affect the price, but bud is bud.

    Here in TX , ' I ' can find tons of both 'good' and 'reg'. (my point being that you if you can't find it, it doesn't mean it's not there.......heck, i found some next door. LOL )

  12. OK aint got shit right now, cops are on it hard core down in central/south OK, they have been destroying crops left and right yo:bolt:
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    Your kidding me right? Florida is full of some bomb ass weed. Alot of Florida's weed makes it way up to Jawja and on into Tennessee/Virginia etc... Man I've seen so much good stuff come out of that state it isn't funny. Man you need to get out and party a little with different folks, make cracks about pot and soon you will find yourself in a sea of danky green.

    HA- I just found this post:
  14. I think it is really up to who you know. Theres probly dank weed around you just gotta know the people.
  15. --> INDIANA <----

    Theres not a nug in the state that doesnt have at least 5 seeds, that being said, it could be worse.
  16. Not hard to find dank in north carolina, current strains running through here in my area- grand daddy purp, orange kush , super silver haze.
  17. I live in Morgantown, WV and there is dank here but it's hard to find, 90 pecent of everything here is good beast.
  18. I know its here in WI - but fcuk if I can find more than 1 connect that never answers his farkin phone:mad:
  19. What are you talking about dude? Where in Missouri are you at if you don't mind me asking? These past few weeks I have had some sour D, Alaskan thunderfuck, cindy, purple kush, and a lot of no name nug.

  20. Nice, you there for filmmaking? That's my major, but I just moved to FL like 3 weeks ago and I won't be starting school again until next fall (need to live here for a year to get in-state tuition).

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