When to increase nutes, if necessary!

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  1. Growing autos - Thunder haze and northern lights. Now in their 5th week. Have been growing great, currently at work so no photos but have some questions.

    There's no Visual problems with the plants (I know, it's not broke, don't break it)

    I've been feeding 1/4th nutes in coco/perlite.
    General hydro flora series and CalMag

    Would anyone recommend upping nutrients at all for maybe a boost in flowering / yield or should I stay at 1/4th nutes until I start seeing deficiencies?

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  2. I am also running autos in coco, check my journal might help.I am running 1/3 nutrient strength every other day with Dyna-gro bloom. I had tried every day but the plants showed signs of to much nutrient. So I feed one day, then straight water the next. All a phed to around 5.8. Make sure you getting good runoff. I have also tries to bump my bloom to 1/2 strength, nope leafs hooked a little. I am also using tap which can effect ppms so your mileage may very. Your leafs will tell you a story, just pay close attention and keep pH in check, and adjust feed accordingly.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow :gc_rocks:
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  3. Thanks man, I'll post a picture later just to show you what my plants look like at this point.

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