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  1. Hey all! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours has been spent worrying about our ladies.

    We were doing so well...wonderfully actually. Up until this past week. We are at the beginning of week 6 flowering, and the problems started at the middle of week 5.

    Our buds were growing good, and everything looked amazing. Then one day, we noticed a TON of yellow leaves, like...a lot. Then some were dead and crispy. The next day, the colas with bud growth had drooping leaves, some crispy too. And growth seemed to stand still at the top colas/bud sites. BUT...there was new growth in the under canopy...small little bud sites keep popping up down the colas. under the scrog where light is minimal.

    The lights aren't too close and while it did get a little warm in there with the weather we have been having, we don't feel it was critically warm. We did have a little too much nutes in there last week we think, and we did spot what were tell tale signs of nute burn, but we have had that in the past and corrected it quickly.

    We do not think this is from nute burn or lock. We are aware that we are supposed to lose some leaves but...dang. It looks as if the plants are dying on the top but the stalks and colas look healthy. We feel that our buds should be significantly larger than they are right now. They are just tiny. The trichomes are looking great and what buds we have, are glistening with what looks like a winter wonderland.

    We are afraid something is terribly wrong.

    Water temp is 77...ph is upper 4's and difficult to regulate right now...no matter what we do, it falls to the 4's which i have heard is normal as well.

    What should we do? We just flushed and let them set in plain water for 24 hours maybe a little more...went back to the week 4 feeding plan and trying to save them.

    Our stomach is really in knots here...we feel like we are going to lose these girls.

    We also noticed some floating roots when we changed water out, and we haven't seen that before but we do not feel we have root rot as the roots look healthy. It is possible that we just damaged them while trying to get all the sediment out from under them when we flushed (we wanted to get as much out as we could to start fresh).

  2. see below for pics
  3. here are the photos

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  4. Although you didn't specify, I assume you are doing DWC. I'm not a professional but a pH in the 4's is not good and indicates a potential problem in the roots. Also a temperature of 77 degrees in the reservoir is very borderline. Pics without the blurple light would help - also a pic of the roots without the blurple lights would help a lot.
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  5. PH in the 4's is way too low !!

    Also every time I change my res there are floating roots in there, almost like the tips break off or something. Not entirety sure - you are further ahead than me in a grow.. but I sure know ph of 4 is way too low ana surprised you have not had problems sooner
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  6. Yes upper 4 is to low. You want to between 5.5 and 6.5 and 5.8 being optimum. If your below 5.5 your locking out several nutrients. What I would do is immediatly empty all your buckets and refill with fresh water and nutrients that are pHed to 5.8 this is definitely your problem in my opinion. Hope this helps IMG_4004.JPG
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  7. 100% agree - and I find with my strain (white widow) she is actually happy around 6.5 - 6.6, anything lower starts to show signs of def.
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  8. We have changed the res several times, and given them the specified nutes and no matter what we do, the PH steadily drops and we have to keep adding PH up to bring it back to the 6's but later in the day it will drop back down. Roots are healthy as could be. I will get in there later and take pics for you guys without the lights on.
  9. If the ph is dropping is the EC rising ? Means that you are giving to much nutes and need to back it down to its stable.. if its the other way round you need to add more NUTES to get the seeet spot.

    EC RISING - ph dropping = more water
    EC lowering PH rising = more nutes.

    Both stable = g spot
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  10. Also your water temp is high if you can bring that down I think it might help
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