Nutrient deficiency or excess? You tell me!

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  1. I am currently growing an indica plant in my closet and some of the leaves have started to burn, discolor, and drop. From reading Jorge Cervantes' book, "The Cannabis Encyclopedia," I have drawn the conclusion that I have an inbalance of magnesium. This is my first grow so unfortunatly I'm not confident in my judgement; so i was hoping you guys could give a little input and let me know what you think of the plant! I am on week 4 of flower and I use foxfarm products and their feed schedule. Oh, and the plant smells absolutly DELICIOUS!!!! (if only I could share the aroma!) 15032452944531142977298.jpg 1503245329640127048785.jpg 15032453717131896183997.jpg
  2. All I can for sure tell by you pictures is that it's purple. We need pics under natural light to see the problems.
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  3. Here are some better pics. 1503247392132903471454.jpg 1503247438787752257002.jpg 15032474626861034399358.jpg 1503247392132903471454.jpg
  4. I'm no expert. On my second grow now, also with fox farms soil and nutes. But your plant looks healthy overall. Is it spreading quickly? You will start to lose lower leaves around this time. Unless it's not spreading quickly I'd think your ok. Magnesium def looked like this for me [​IMG]

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  5. I used Epsom salts when I fed since I didn't have cal mag. It helped. But I got some cal mag for this grow

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  6. Only a hand full of leaves look bad like the pictures. But a good portion of the leaves are starting to have dieing tips. Under the microscope the resin has mushroomed but no amber yet. This was a grab bag seed so it possible this thing is close to the end of its grow cycle? No discolor or burn on the fan leaves next to the flowers. Just on all the big sugar leafs.
  7. Nute burn.....
  8. The burnt tips shouldn't spread as long as you cut back the nutes

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    Yea i hit the plant with FF sledgehammer and the next watering i hit it with regular water. The plant is in a 3 gallon pot and ive had to water about every 3 days now, does that seem right? If its nutrient burn do you know which one? Like i said, i was thinking too much mag so i was going to just cut the mag out of the feed schedule but its prolly best to not feed any nutrients?. I dont want to flush if i dont have to, tight closet space would make flushing a very hard task, but should it be done?

    fun fact about this gal:
    i topped it at the 6th node and tried to train it outwards as much as possible. Its only 18 inches tall from the top of the soil. Its 4 sisters out doors look amazing with no pest or nutrient problems. They range from 6 feet tall to the tallest one well over 7 feet now. Cool nights have the leaves turning purple before the flowers have even crazy that the indoor plant and outdoor plants are the same yet SOOO different.
  10. No need to flush, feed it ph'd water with a couple teaspoons of epsom salts and silica until it recovers.

    I'd avoid the cal-mag as most derive their calcium from calcium nitrate. Which has a good deal of nitrogen, not something you want to be added later in flower. We stop using cal-mag and switch to magnesium sulfate after week 2 of flower.
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    Thanks for the information. What silica do you use? Better yet whats the purpose of it? I know it absorbs moisture but not sure what the purpose is for this situation?

    Thanks again
  12. under led these plants need added calmag solution its very common ..and problem solved . its not over fed .

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