What you think about this Bong?(1st ONE) And is this site reliable?

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  1. Ive been doing some reasing up on bongs and i think im ready to buy a decent piece to enjoy. i came across this site and so far this one really caught my eye and the price is right around what im looking for . Tell me what you think? Ill also list a few others that are comparable and i like. please let me know the pros and cons of my choices thanks.

    SYN - 45 mm Dome Perc - Beaker - Rasta Label

    HEre are some others in my range feel free to suggest anything.
    HVY Glass - 38 mm Beaker with Dome Perk
    ZOB - HALO Style Percolator - Straight Base

    IF i got this one i would get a diffuser also for another $30.
    EHLE Glass Custom Bong 500ml – Special Sandblasted Logo (Angled) - Online Shop
  2. don't get the halo perc, tons of drag from what i've heard.

    are you dead set on getting a bong with a perc?
  3. oh also, aqualabs is totally reliable. one of my friends got two bongs off of there.
  4. ALT is totally legit. I've ordered from them several times. So is SYN and HVY, so you can't really lose with either. But dome percs are a little draggy. Enjoy. :bongin:
  5. explain what draggy is im a noob lol. And ive read that percs filter the smoke and diffuse it better i def want a diffuser. Do you guys have any reccomendations of your own in this price range 100 - 200 generally.
  6. drag means that it doesn't pull as easy. which means that you won't be able to get your rip as fast, and that it takes more effort. i recommend that you go with a straight tube that has a nice diffused downstem. that's all you really need.
  7. ok whats wrong with percs tho do you reccomend maybe a straight tube with a diffused down stem and an ash catcher?
  8. Percs generally increase drag, some more than others, some none at all. Domes are usually viewed on the draggier end of things.

    I personally think a straight tube with a decent diffy and a/c is the ideal setup if you're only planning on having one bong. SSFG from etsy could make you the tube diffy and a/c, and with the discount for ordering multiple items, I'll bet that you can get your price under $200.

  9. whos ssfg and you recommend him rather than anything from aqua lab technologies?
  10. this one is such how is the perc on this one

  11. what is this etsy place you speak of?
  12. google Etsy, And look up sellers Soul Shine Family Glass - SSFG, Or GlassMandolll is pretty good on etsy.
  13. that zob is nice. i like the halo beaker. that might be a nice option. but that syn is sick. Id get the syn. just get a better bowl

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