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What to make with 4 oz of bho?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Dabs20, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. I recently ended up coming up with around 4 oz of bho and was curious what everyones favorite recipes were to make with it. I would ideally like whatever I end up making to be reasonably high dosed between 100-200mg each. As of now I have made cereal bars, brownies and capsules but want to start being more creative. Does anyone have any good recipes for gummies or syrups or other different edibles?
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  2. I never made it with cannabis but a gooey butter cake next on my list
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  3. I was and am continually surprised how long tincture can carry you! If you can get 190 or better easily and have so much on hand, do eet! I dropped some 6 or seven drops of some 191 tincture made with BHO into some Altoids to see how they'd take it, the tiny little ones... it didn't melt! The versatility is very adaptable!
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  4. Seriously, four ounces? You can really do some cooking with that! I just make the usual stuff, sorry, no new ideas.
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    Check out psams thread it has good recipes or search my name for a more healthier route of edibles:) I still make fruit gummies if want recipe it's psams thread. They're easy and good for you plus you can double whammy em if wanted too. I get best results if I use both coconut oil and honey infused:)

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