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How to bind/make THC honey with BHO?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by RaJay, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. I decarbed my wax, had honey already hot in a crock pot, mixed in the BHO, and let it cook for 5 hours on Low... the bho never really blended, it just got a little foamy/bubbly and stays on the top. Maybe I have to add some coconut or any type of cooking oil to bind with the THC to bind with the honey? I know people make it with ounces of weed, but I got lots of Hash Oil to use.
  2. Whenever I mix in RSO with honey, it usually dissolves instantly, with no heat involved. Just have to stir a little. If I want some heat, I just microwave 5 - 10 seconds and then mix in the RSO.
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    Mybad but im not sure what RSO is? Maybe I should try some winterized bho.. ?

    This is what my decarbed bho looks like after I cooled the crock pot down after 5 hours on low. Wouldnt dissolve or blend with the honey. I have little knowledge on cooking and themany science behind what blends and how

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  4. Damn - that one big pot of honey and bho there Pooh!  If its still not dispersing, unplug, cool and add ~4 oz (based on the amount of material there) of EC and stir it well.  Cover it to prevent evap and let it sit, stirring occasionally until its dispersed.  Then turn crock on low and evap off the EC.  Probably easiest in the long run rather than waiting for just the heat...
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  6. This is great stuff! Thank you!
  7. How did the honey turn out? How was the potency? 
  8. Oh, and in case you're interested here's a link to my very first thread here and it was about making honey. You can really tell I'm a real yokel and noob. I didn't know anything about anything except that this was the way to make honey. The response to this thread almost caused me to give up and question my sanity. I think that you'll be interested in the thoughts about infusing honey then and the complete 180 now. That honey was the gateway to my "career" and I'm very fond of it.   ;) 

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  9. I tried some of the honey last night in some Tea, and I definitly caught a pretty strong buzz.. 1 Tablespoon.

    I am now wondering how to blend Vegetable Glycerine with my BHO/EHO.. should they both disolve in it with some head added for a few hours? Or do they need to be dissolved down into everclear snd then mixed in, like the honey? Ive read many reviews and its just s bunch of people getting msd about their bho not dissolving and sticking to the jar, or whatever they are making it in.

    Ive looked through your index PSam, and I see glycerin tincture tutorial, but added with GD. Im looking to just mix glycerine+bho/eho. Recommended dosages? And this is good for ECigs, and you can take a couple drops on the tongue as well yeah? Also, (sorry for the constant questions) I can then use this infused glycerine to blend and create other types of edibles yeah?
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    At nearly a gram per tablespoon, even at the general scale, it should do a pretty good job of medicating. I'm glad it turned out well for you. 
    Someday I hope to find someone who doesn't ask about glycerin but that may never happen. I'll be truthful with you and anyone else who asks and tell you that I don't care a lot for glycerin and I believe you'll hear that from most people who try. Few glycerin threads end with happy campers and it's not because it doesn't work, because it does very effectively. Instead it's because it doesn't work the way stoners want it to. And I'm one of those. I use it. I make it but I don't like it. It has it's uses for medical issues mainly. It's all body and no head. It will work great on pain, insomnia, even boost your energy in the morning if a Sativa....but no real head. And the vape pen version needs to be very concentrated to act as a maintenance tool while mobile. 
    Having said that, the success to a good glycerin tincture, vape or edible, is patience. It is not a great solvent, very limited and slow to infuse. BHO and other oils do not break down very well in it. I'm hearing now that a pg/vg mix is better at that but I couldn't tell you for sure. The way that I do it on my thread is just like you did the honey except I didn't take it to oil first before reconstituting it. You would do the same thing, dissolve the BHO into a small amount of alcohol the add it to the glycerin and heat until the alcohol is gone.
    For it to be good for a vape pen it should have a minimum potency of 3g/oz unless you want to inhale a whole tank. You would figure that just like the formula I gave you for the honey. But here's the trick...once the alcohol is evaporated it is not ready for use. You'll see that your oil has become a dark suspension hanging in the vg. You may even see some tarry residue stick to the side of the jar and anything you use to touch it. That is nothing to concern yourself with and let it stick to the sides. That stuff is the plant waxes and tars that the glycerin won't absorb. If your BHO is winterized then you won't have that issue much. When you pour off the final product, that tar will just stay behind clinging to whatever it was clinging to. 
    After you've evaporated all the alcohol your infused glycerin will need to cure for about 2 weeks. Remember I mentioned it was a slow solvent? Well, that's what that's about. Over the course of that 2 weeks you'll see that dark suspension hanging in the solvent to an opaque amber bonded solution. It will look like a whole other animal and act like it, too. You'll shake your jar every day and you'll begin to see the action as it bonds. For vaping you won't have to decarb the oil but for edibles you will. 
    I hope this helped just a little bit. For the vape pen I prefer to just soak some material in the vg for a few months. I have used glycerin in edibles I was going to use medically and it seemed to work well in every medium I've tried so far.  :)
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  11. So basically most people dont like it because its hard to make/blend together and it tajes a long time and looks sloppy correct? (Bho sticking to the jar/pot)

    So your saying for a potent Vape Oil, Id need 3 grams of BHO per OZ of Glycerine? That seems extremely high? My glycerine bottle is 1 quart (42.5 oz.) That would meann Id need 120ish grams of BHO for this whole bottle? Or is that 120grams of flowers which roughly is around 12-13 grams of bho.

    A vape pen is just an idea, not my target. That would be sweet to make some vape pens because I know a lot of patients around here like them a lot. But personally not myself, Im more interested in edible intake rather than smoking intake.
    No, no. The equivalent of 3g of whole material, just like in the honey formula. If it's the same ratio, everything else will the the same. But you will still need to let it cure to bond. It can be pretty powerful as a tincture if you make it strong enough. I've seen it buckle knees when taken sublingually but still mainly body intensive.  :) 
  13. This is only going to be an approximation using known values and converting those to a whole plant scale that will be familiar to everyone. It would be hard to come close to the actual potency per tablespoon of honey because of the variables with BHO such as nug run, trim, first run or more. I have standard figures for RSO but that uses a full extract so we'll use the common scale. I hope I can make the math easy. 
    The 3 numbers that are key are the 850g total, 85g yield and 5.1g in 60 tablespoons. I did this 2 different ways to verify the results. I first did it the more complex way of converting the total grams to ounces.
    850g ÷ 28g = 30.35714285714286 and we will round off to 30.36 ounces. 
    30.36 ÷ 85g = .36oz/gBHO     28g/oz x .36oz = 10g plant material per gBHO
    10g x 5.1gBHO = 51g of whole reefer per 60 tablespoons of honey
    51g ÷ 60 tbls = .85g per tablespoon of honey
    This can also be figured using the straight gram measurements as well but while these aren't very accurate, they can give you a general idea of the dosing without having to feel your way blindly.   

    ^^^^^This was your post in the other thread. Just wanted to keep it on this thresd for reference before it gets lost in the other.
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    So my trim runs roughly come out to 10-13%returns. Sayy I do a trim run of 130 grams and get back 13 grams (10%return).. that would be just enougj for this whole glycerine bottle yeah? 10%return of 3 grams would be .3 gBHO. This glycerine bottle is 42.5 oz.

    (42.5oz)x (.3gBHO) = 12.75gBHO per bottle yes?

    So Id then take 13 grams of BHO (already purged!!) And dissolve it into 190proof EC. Pour that EC/Hash Oil into the warm glycerine inside the crock pot on low? DO NOT cover with lid, as the EC needs to saftly evaporate off.. Now about how long ( an hour, a few hours, a few days?) till the EC should be gone, and should I be occasionally stirring the mix? So once that is done, I can put this medicated glycerine mix inside a mason jar to sit for a month?
    That looks pretty good. You won't need an equal amount of alcohol to match the glycerin, just enough to easily dissolve the BHO but enough to make it a liquid without being viscous. You can turn it on high if you want, at least for a while. It doesn't get hot enough to do damage. 
    You may want to weigh your glycerin before you add the alcohol and BHO then check the weight when you're finished. You should have the weight of the glycerin and the weight of the BHO when the alcohol is all gone. Sometimes you'll get a little additional due to the alcohol and glycerin combining to make a little pg but it doesn't make any difference, just a chemical reaction. 
    You only need to let it cure for 2 weeks usually, especially if you agitate it daily. After a few days you'll be able to tell a difference in the way it looks. If you're making that much, it may take a little longer but shaking it daily should compensate.  :) 
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  16. Sweeet! Ganna get started and find a love for glycerine .. (maybe not lol)

    Would I be able to take a couple dropps to the tongue of the final product? And how many drops is a good dose?
    I would actually recommend using it as a sublingual. You'll find all the high CBD tinctures and things are made with glycerin although most are pretty weak and need about a teaspoon to work. Yours should drop you to your knees with less than a dropper but the actual amount will be determined when you try it. Again, it's body intensive. You should feel no pain. 
    You can start sampling as soon as you finish with the transfer and I recommend that you do so that you can actually understand fully why BKS and I both say to let it cure. I don't want you to do it just because I said to do it. Try a dropper at that time and then every few days do the same amount. This goes along the same lines as watching the suspension turn into the cured infusion. It's for your own education as much as anything so that if anyone asks you in the future, you'll know the answer and get the credit instead of saying "P'Sam or BKS said that's what needs to be done." I imagine you'll be an expert at this before long.  :) 
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  18. Hey RaJay....It stands for Rick Simpson Oil. He popularized the extraction of cannabis oil so that's become a generic term. If you take your GD all the way down that's what you have left. RSO, or as it's termed around here, PSam's oil :smoking: cause of Sam's work with it, which you can also find in the index if you haven't already.
    H :smoke:
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    I cant wait!! Im decarbing my bho right now. Got the glycerine inside the crock starting to warm up. Got my Everclear ready for when the wax cools diwn just a bit.

    Now you say I can go a few hours on high.. When exactly should I know its done and can be transferred to a mason jar to be cured?
    When I use a crockpot I turn it up to high for the first hour or two just to get things going then turn it down. It's going to be real similar to the honey, RaJay. You'll get all those bubbles from the alcohol just bubbling away until they don't. There shouldn't be any froth from the glycerin like with the honey. When the bubbles are gone it should be finished. Weigh it. Even if a few grams over the original weight plus BHO, you can take it off as long as the bubbles have stopped. Any residual alcohol will evaporate during the curing phase. 
    It will look dirty when you first jar it up, like a suspension usually will since it blocks the light, but by the time it's finished it should be opaque and syrupy.  :) 
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