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  1. Hello Grasscity. This is my first grow and things have been pretty smooth up until now. 3 weeks in to 12/12 I noticed these rusty spots in the veins of some of the fan leaves toward the top. I thought it was a calcium or magnesium deficiency so I gave it like a half dose of cal-mag with the last feeding but today (5 days later) things seem worse. Any idea what this is?

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  2. are you in soil? Ph?

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  3. Bugs. Looks like mite damage.

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  4. More info needed....feeding, medium, PPM's, PH etc... just like Jma said
  5. Medium= promix coco-coir/peat with mycoactive.
    Feeding ph is 6.2 usually runoff is about 5.5.
    Ppm = no idea
    Only one of my plants has this and all have been treated the same. I looked it all over for bugs with a mag even in the soil, found nothing.
  6. Standard nute burn or to much food
    IMO: pour 3 times the pot volume of air temp ph'ed water
    at days end so recover drains out over night
    no nutes for 2-3 weeks
    after that 50% less food

    PPM meter is a must so is a Ph tool

    good luck
  7. Thanks Vostok, what you say makes sense. I've been giving them like 1/3 dose of nutes with every watering. I'll hold off and just ph the water, also I'll go get a ppm meter asap.
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  8. While you're out, grab some window sticky traps and lay it gently on the soil under the plant after you are done watering and flushing and what not. You can get like a pack of 5 for a couple bucks. Worst case scenario: You fixed your problem and you know for sure you don't have a bug issue, your out a couple bucks for some sticky traps. Knowing its not bugs because you don't see them is cool, but knowing it's not bugs because you're certain is worth 100 times that.

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  9. That's a good call and absolutely worth the piece of mind.

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