What is this??!!

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  1. Had a plant acting up and found this in the soil today. Never seen this happen b4 and want to know What is going on?

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  2. Are they mushrooms
  3. Yeah, looked like it me. I never had this to happen b4, her sister is perfectly healthy.
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  4. They are in the inky cap family. A common organic matter decomposter they are not harmful actually quite helpful. Picking the fruit body's off will do nothing. Leave them alone, and enjoy their beauty.
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  5. So I shouldn't worry about the buds, smoking them etc?
  6. Has no effect on flowers.
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  7. They are feeding on all the wood/compost in the soil. Those are one of the thousands soil organisms that break down organic matter and make food for the plants.
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  8. Thank you, that plant had ran into some issues at the start of week 8 and some of the buds looked like they were telling me it's now or never lol. Both plant received everything the same but only 1 got sick. So when I saw that today I figured that may have been the problem. But going off what your saying me they came to fix the problem?
  9. What is the question?
  10. Here is a pic of the plant after it took ill. I guess the question was since this was the first time I have seen them are they popping up out of response to the plant getting sick?

    Link to pic of sick plant
    Half of plant dying?? Plz help

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