What Happens When We Die?

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  1. What do you think happens when we die?
    I'm curious to see what everyone's opinion is.

    I was watching this movie and thinking about energy and people dying and blah blah...
    I started thinking about why souls get trapped in areas because they can't 'move on',
    these moments happen while we are still living... trying to type this out is way harder than just understanding it in my own head.
    Oh well, just tell me what you think!
  2. you cease to exist in any meaningful form and your body decomposes into compost
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  3. consciousness transfers to the bin file on the internet for a recycled dump. Thank you, Facebook.
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  4. Try it and report back .
  5. You put two more quarters in and have another go at it.
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  6. Your body decomposes but your soul lives on either in heaven or hell.
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  7. You head for purgatory which is kind of like a Simon Cowbell show which you have to get through.

    After that it's all angels and fluffy clouds.
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  8. Probably something similar to the plot of Defending Your Life

  9. I don't see how energy can be contained or trapped but here's a good video that will make you smile either way :)
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  10. Who cares? I really don't understand why people place so much importance on this subject...

    Live life now. You're here, now. Why waste time speculating about a future for which no one has any real answers to? Religious doctrines have really warped the collective mind of mankind. It's sad. :frown:

    Be the best you can, now...
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  11. ^word..
    The present is really all we have and all that exists :)
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  12. It depends.
    If you are humane your spirit, i..e., your conscious being moves on to the next stage of your journey towards eternal life of bliss. .
    If you are inhumane your spirit continues to exist but in darkness and aloneness, burning in your own rage forever.
    I guess you can say heaven or hell, life or mere existence.
  13. Bad folks like me get to swim in a lake of fire for an eternity, with other. Meat puppets.
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  14. The same thing that happened the 14 billion years before you were alive, The Universe continues on without you.
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  15. 14B is a human misconception its more like 80T+ don't fall for that bullshit lol
  16. Where did you get that information?
  17. Hyperspace? Don't knock it till you try it.
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