What ever happened to the guy who blew a loud out his window?

Discussion in 'General' started by Inhale Smoke, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I havent surfed grass city in a while i feel like ive seen this thread before but i couldnt find it. He got like arrested for jizzing on a lady lol cant find the original thread either
  2. i remember the thread didnt his mom get arrested and beat her up or something and the cop punked him? or was that another troll thread? lol who skeets out they're front window? i mean side window ok but front fucking window!
  3. Hahaha,as If skeeting out the side window is justified^

  4. this kid was skyping some chick and she dared him to blow it on the window and he ended up spraying some random bitch walking her dog. He got locked up and is a sexual offender now.
  5. hahahaaha that's hilarious. Couldn't they let him off light though since he didn't mean to. Must have been a shock for that chick with her dog :laughing:
  6. Anybody have link to thread?
  7. that is a far launch...
  8. "Ew, bird shit!!!... wait... wait a second... OH MY GOD... This doesn't taste like bird shit!!"
  9. [quote name='"Slammo"']"Ew, bird shit!!!... wait... wait a second... OH MY GOD... This doesn't taste like bird shit!!"[/quote]

  10. I vaguely remember that thread hahaha
  11. Sounds like this nut

    puts on sunglasses

    is in a sticky situation
  12. where is that thread? :laughing:
  13. I am looking, but I only found this quote in someone's sig so far:

    Originally Posted by Devilsman004
    I don't wanna live in a country where a man can't even ejaculate out his own window this is an outrage!

    to a deleted tread
  14. I realized the thread I was thinking of was some dude who said he drives around jerking off and I told him to blow on the car window while passing a hot chick someday.
  15. The fuck.. Id be pissed if.i got cummed on, at all
  16. man they should seriously lift that ban on ggrass.. he was the man!

  17. Nah...he was fucking creepy.

    The thread the OP is referring to was closed and deleted, for trolling. It was fun while it lasted though!

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