what are you doing right now?

Discussion in 'General' started by cherry057, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. im watching teen mom.
    about to wax my armpits.
  2. dont forget too change your tampon while your at it
  3. Watching desperate house wives.

    About to shave my back.
  4. Right now I am drinking a cheap beer, listening to KRS-One, and contemplating packing a bowl.
  5. I'm beating my dick.
  6. thats nice
  7. Make me a sandwich?
  8. Downloading a patch to Resistance 3, crazy
  9. eating a apple drinking crown royal
  10. about to hop on omegle..lol
  11. Rolling up bleezys with a spicy boner
  12. why? omegle is the dumbest site ever.
  13. trying to gifure out what to consume for nutrients healthy
  14. couch locked GAHHHH
  15. laying down in bed with my back against a wall on a comfy pillow thing watchin the iron giant on netflix in my room smokin a cigarette drinkin a sweet tea and eatin some chips n fuckin dip man.
  16. sittin at my computer boutta move to the futon n fire up the netflix/roku....i have a small amount of bud for the rest of the night my dealer passed out early...(FUCK!) have to wait and carefully analyize the best time to roast the rest of my stash.
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    If I wasn't on my iPod I would make this my sig
  18. About 120 beats a minute & sweating like a hot slippery Pig!
    Where's Mah Glucose??
  19. sippin on snapple

    flavor: mango madness

    cap: "real fact" #833

    children have more taste buds than adults.

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