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  1. starting a new run and thinkin that this may be my last thread - will just keep adding grows to here instead of making new ones for each and every one.

    not sure if it'll be hydro or a dirt run but I'm growing again!
  2. sounds great man!
  3. zero grow progress today- thats kinda fucked up as it only take about 4 minutes to start seeds
  4. sparking up!

    got my seeds, a little tupperware and paper towel right over there ---->

    was going to run a couple strains but I think I am going just do white russians
  5. end to end white russian it is - between the available choices the russians will produce the highest yields in the least amount of time. 12 are germing and will run them in dirt, small smartpots (not sure how many I have, maybe a few will end up in reg containers)

    I guess it might be good to see a side by side plastic pot vs smart pot?

    fwiw - the options were herijuana which is a great smoke but not a big producer, avalanche that I didn't even know I had - nice yield, nice smoke but long flower and some jack h - nice producer, very nice smoke but even longer flower cycle than the avalanche.
  6. still nothing

    just seeds laying in damp paper towels

    this is taking too long!
  7. Dern... Nothin yet? Doesn't ususally take this long does it? Curious, where do you keep your seed when their germing?

    Once this kicks off, I wanna grab a seat right up front here to watch the show! :)
  8. I was just screwing around with the earlier "nuthin yet"

    usually takes about 4-7 days for these to sprout

    they're in a damp paper towels a small tupperware (maybe 4oz?) sealed - in a drawer

    a bit warmer place would be much better but I don't care, these plants are animals
  9. a few of them are showing little tap roots!
  10. now a bunch of them are tapping out - 2.5 days to germinate seeds I built almost three years ago - not bad!
  11. sub'd

    just not 100% sure why yet....but it sounds promising lol
  12. White Russian is a beautiful strain - even WATCHING it grow is ultra cool llm...

  13. So...you made your own seeds...F2s?

    In your experience, do you find the WR to be more indica or sativa? I've seen it listed as either in different places...
  14. good luck chuck!!

    here's to a good run!

    (soil ftw just sayin)

    subscribed.. etc..
  15. uh - Fwhat? :rolleyes: I dunno whatchya call it lineage wise - that's why I said BUILT not breeded seeds. I pollinated a robust female from a big male from the same strain - what the F number is that?

    And afaik white russian is more indica than sativa - ak47 is indica and white widow is an indica/sativa cross. This particular strain (highgrade) is def more indica (has broader leaves and flowers in 8-9 weeks, not very sativa at all imho)

    Welcome aboard aw - good to see you!
  16. Everybody popped!


    Gotta run out and get some rr plug things

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  17. :laughing:

    Was just wondering if you did 2 WRs, like you say you did, or ventured out with your own AK/WW cross...;)

    WR confuses me...Serious says AK is mostly sativa, being Colombian X Mexican X Thai X Afghani, with the Afghan being the only indica...and WW is a sativa/indica cross...theoretically, WR should be more sativa, but once again, Serious lists it as mostly indica...Highgrade lists it on his website as being mostly sativa...:confused::confused:

    Can you see where I get confused? So it manifests itself as an indica dom...interesting...I've heard that from others as well...good to hear your personal experience...

    Quite anxious to follow your grow...WR is one of the strains I've always been curious about...:cool:
  18. These originated from highgrade genes in 2009 - and I don't care who says what - they are not very sativa at all :)

    One thing I will say about this white russian is that it is the most unique smoke I have ever tasted, reminds me of opium but doesn't make you as stupid
  19. everybody is in an rr plug, turns out i germed 14 not 12 and that's too many

    oops :hide:

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