weedstar + USA + customs = ?

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  1. i was wondering if anyone has has a weedstar tube shipped to a us address and had it seized?
    that is all.

    thank you.
  2. I'm wondering the same thing. I know this is an old thread, but if I order a weed star double bubbler 2.0 is it likely that it will be seized? I'm just worried because of the red weed star decal on the side.
  3. thank you for not making another thread but using the search :hello:
  4. lol q still not answered
  5. Idk man.

    If you haven't already bought yours from there, I'd recommend NOT doing it.

    I ordered my Messias Illusion off their weedstar.com site because I was impatient and annoyed that GrassCity didn't have it.

    Biggest f*ckin mistake of my life haha.

    Kinda wanna kill myself every day when I come home and the package is STILL not here.

    Ordered it Jan. 23 and it is now March 7, still nothing.

    What's annoying is that like three days after I ordered grass city was like,

    "Hey! We have your item back in stock!:D:D:D:D:D:D"

    God damnit. I waited like a week and it wasn't in stock and finally once I order from the longest route possible they're like, WELL HERE IT IS!!!!

    The weedstar website says to USA ppl- allow six weeks.

    Well a week is 7 days, and if I know my 3rd grade times tables then that is 42 days.

    I'm on day 43, so hopefully it will come this week.

    But really, when you spend hundreds on this site, you get no tracking number and it takes forever and then you read about customs and shit and it just makes you have anxiety about your piece being taken or whatever.

    NOT worth it.

    Pretty much if I had waited an extra few days, I would have been able to get it from GC and then I would have already have had it by now (based on my previous experience with GC shipping times).

    It's just irritating as fuck.

    GC- god damn you.

    Wait for the Whack ass "Out of Stock" to go away and just buy it from here.

    It's like every night for the past six weeks have been the night before christmas, and every day I wake up to no presents.

    If I actually get my package I'll let ya know.

    Till then I'm pissed and impatiently waiting.
  6. I had a buddy order the weedstar dub bub months ago and he is also still waiting.
  7. On the weedstar facebook page they said there is some stuff going on with bombs and shipping? So the customs is crazy right now, especially with sending to the states. They ended on the note that this would heavily delay all US packages. The post was made like Jan 6 2011.
  8. dont blame gc for your impatience...hopefully your bong will come in one piece, I ordered from weed-star.com and got a box full of broken glass...when I asked for refund he canceled my weed-star account...buncha scumbags weed-star are.
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    yeah they posted a thread on here about it. the restrictions were lifted already though and airfreight got resumed so shipping times are back to normal.

    and yeah im ordering it from GC not Weed Star.

    EDIT: here's the link: http://forum.grasscity.com/general-...-temporary-measure-u-s-homeland-security.html
  10. people are so fucking retarded.

    GC has nothing to do with Customs seizing your item

    GC has nothing to do with America forcing all packages over 500g to be shipped by boat.

    I my smellchecker shipped December 6th, and I never got it.

    GC is currently sending me another free of charge.

    Thank you GC
  11. My weed-star slim jim 2 shipped on jan 12 and still nothing lol

    so, idfk

  12. that means you got it right around cyber monday and the customs restrictions. keep looking for it over the next couple of weeks. i'm not surprised that it got delayed this much, but any more than that is ridiculous.

    did you order on weed star's site or here on gc?
  13. i ordered from gc and theyve been very helpful giving all the info they could, no complaints there, just pissed about the situation lol.

    I mean it's been 54 days and no customs letter so I suppose that's a good thing?

  14. yeah i feel you and yeah no news from customs is a good thing. once you hear from them it's done. this long without a letter just means it's stuck somewhere :(
  15. So uh..anyone actually order a WS off GC or the WS site and have no problems lol?
  16. I hope so, I die a little each day there's no package in my mailbox.

    To anyone looking to order now I don't see why you'd have problems. The only reason for this delay was the homeland security issue which was liften 2 months ago I believe.

    I've actually been toying with idea of ordering something else and seeing if it arrives before my initial purchase lol

  17. Hope so..heh, ordered a WS bong yesterday :(.

  18. dont worry about it. it was the past shipping restrictions that are delaying his package. having to ship by boat takes a shitload of time. most people don't have a problem when they buy from this site.

  19. Heh, good lol..I shall pray, lmao.
    So anyone on the west coast who's ordered something off GC (bong/pipe), wanna tell me about how long it took? :bongin:

  20. I'm not blaming anyone for my impatience besides myself. But you can't deny that the situation is frustrating, especially knowing if if I had waited only a bit longer the situation would've been gold instead of shit.

    It's just irritating as hell with the timing of it all.

    Your situation sounds pretty nasty though. I'm losing faith.


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