weed experience HALLUCINATING

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    yeah so whatever i was down at the river, doin my thing when my friend called me tellin' me "bought some dank-ass dro, bruh" so i was like "***** gimme some of tha shit" and he like 'ight so i kicked it at his house. soooo yuh i was like 'sup nigguh' n he and i went to his room and he shot me a bowl that i hit and fuuuuuuuukk man I kept seeing flashing lights at the side of my vision, and i swear i iz trippin bruh' ended up walkin home but sleeping at the park cuz i was too tired to walk home man.
  2. [quote name='"Cacui77"']keep in mind this was the first time I smoked weed.[/quote]

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  5. hmmm..

    this thread came to mind...

    ya...yet another scary story...
  6. ummm wat.
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    uhh what??? no idea what you or the other kiddies are sayin on dis thread, maybe its cuz im new here, but whatever the fuck you guys are talking about i dont givashit cause' i know what i saw.
  8. ^

    haha this kid
  9. It has nothing to do with you being new to here. It has everything to do with you having a weak mind.
  10. What in the fuck

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