Want a new piece ($50-$75)

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  1. Where are you located JR ?
  2. That's what I'm sayinnn!
  3. word. My friend from calli used to send me shit through the mail through stuff. like he would send a pipe inside of a candle and once i got a bong that he put inside an xbox. it was an old shit xbox and i told my mom that he sent it to me cause i wanted to try and fix it.

  4. yo man i have a question i was looking at the vape but my friend said 1 double a battery is good for 6 drags it that true

  5. im in northern nj :D
  6. Dude one battery last like me like 3 or 4 trenches then it usually starts taking a while to build up vape so i switch to another battery.. I honestly never run the batteries all the way down.. But imo i get 3 or 4 trenches per battery.. Order of ebay and you get an extra set of batteries (4 total) its the best piece i've ever invested in.. LIFETIME warranty is amazing! I vape all the time in my bedroom and my rents never suspect a thing ;)
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    The MFLB is definitely the shit, it takes a bit longer then smoking, but after 30 minutes and two or three trenches I'm flying as high as four or five bong rips, plus I get ABV. :hello: That said, and this could be my cannabis, I do not like the smell of vapor. It really is strange how much I do not like the smell of it.

    Anyway, figured I should point that out as its something I've never seen mentioned when in conjunction to vaping.

    If you want a good water piece in that price range, go pick up a molino tube 40cm tube. It'll cost you a bit more then seventy five with shipping, but really this tube is huge, beautiful, has no carb, ice notches. The standard downstem is amazing quality considering the price range and it is just a really really classy bong for the price. You will not go wrong with it.
  8. I agree with the Molino. For that price range that piece is just so classy and elegant.

  9. can you get me a link for one of these ? thanks alot.
  10. Its on the grass city shop man.. Just click molino tubes and it will pull up all the different ones
  11. hah thanks, feel stupid i didnt even think to look :hide:
  12. grasscity's got some cheap stuff, not great quality. If your looking for high quality check out ALT. Are you looking for a bong or bubber or bowl?
  13. bongggggggggggggg :bongin:
  14. your not gonna find a good bong thats between $50-75. If anything, you will find a nice bong thats kinda short with no attachments with it for around $100. The bongs are here are like $50-75 and they look sick right? well they arent that great, ive hit a few my buds have. just save up to like $150 and you can get something nice for that amount. My firt time ever going to a head shop i was so anxious and i had 50 bucks so i just bought myself an acryllic bong. it was alright but it was dumb move on my part. I finally saved up and bought a nice bong for 90, i got 20 dollar discount. trust me, its totally worth saving up the extra 50-70 bucks
  15. yeah i have enough money if i wanted i could buy a $600 bong but i dont need that lol. you commented on the other thread, im gunna spend like 120-150 on one, i was originally going to spend 50-75 on a bowl, bubb, or something but now im almost positive i want a bong :bongin: :smoke:

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