Want a new piece ($50-$75)

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  1. Just wondering if you guys have any idea on what I should look into. I already have a bowl, bubbler, and a nice chillum. I've been looking around on GC shop but just thought I might ask.

    Thanks !
  2. Personally I would save up and double that cash and get a nice quality tube. Then you can add on to it in the future (ash catcher, different slides, diffused downstem, etc)

    I love my EHLE . . . excellent quality at a reasonable price. Just don't purchase it from GC, as they come with carbs.

    Just my opinion though. Good luck!

  3. spend 99 dollars and get you a vaporizer with a lifetime warranty.. and a badass one at that..

    Look around on ebay you can get free shipping, free grinder, and extra set of batteries... I love my launch box

    Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer + Grinder + Batteries - eBay (item 200553962054 end time Jan-10-11 15:03:48 PST)
  4. A Bong.
  5. yup. The people that blow the glass own the headshop down the road from me. They make some high quality shit. I'd deff go with that
  6. thanks man really appreciate it ! i just hope they have something like this at my local headshop.
  7. ask for SYN and then try to haggle to get price lowered
  8. yeah they didnt have it damn ! hopefully another shop does.
  9. get a steam roller
  10. I'd look into the Incredibowl mini.
  11. Bubbler. For that price you could get a really dope one.
  12. well i really want that syn bong that guy posted above, but i have no where to hide it from my parents and no local shops have it so im not ordering it offline.
  13. Get the launch box... or the incredibowl mini.. i own both and i love them! they're both so stealthy and easy to conceal
  14. I could mail one to you but I'd doubt that work since your parents get the mail?
    I used to hide my bong in a golf bag in my garage and also in shoe boxes and chests in my garage too.
  15. I stash mine in a gun cabinet... My incredibowl and launch box however is stashed in a magic box underneath my bed that i purchased off edit many years ago
  16. yeah getting it through the mail would be difficult. it would be like a little bigger than a shoe box and EVERY time i get something in the mail my mom wants to know what it is. thanks alot tho :wave:
  17. Get the launch box and say its a new video game.. Hell or the incredibowl mini.. They come in small packages...
  18. haha true, well my local shops have those both i think so its all good :)
  19. Well pick one up! Trust me you won't be disappointed with either one.. But if i was you i'd get the launch box even though it is a little more cash but its definitely worth every penny.. If you get the incredibowl mini definitely look into getting the xl chamber
  20. They way I see it you should get a bubbler

    You have no where for a bong....
    You could at least get a glass pipe...

    Meet in the middle and get a water pipe.... AKA bubbler

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