vortex gravity bong

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  1. Im thinking about investing in a vortex gravity bong are they worth it
  2. just buy a real bong for that price tag.
    $100 for a plastic GB is a rip off.
    it was high tech in 2005.

    you can make a nice GB for virtually nothing.
  3. Yah but gravity bongs are by far my favorite way to smoke
  4. just make one with a legit bowl piece, a 3 liter bottle, & a bucket.

    why spend $100 on GB. thats just ignorant if you ask me.

    you ever smoked a bong?
  5. Get a gallon milk jug. Stick a stem and bowl piece in it. Bang.
  6. Yah I own a zong but a vortex would be dope just imagine always having a gravity bong already set up that would be dope
  7. my friend bought one we have used it once he never touches it anymore and he would much rather hit my glass. They suck save your money
  8. Well is there any other unique smoking devices
  9. Gravitron. It's an all glass GB
  10. Wait a glass gravity bong how much is that
  11. I own a vortex. It was the only piece I regret buying. Fucking piece of shit and it leaks like crazy. Save your money PLEASE!
  12. Trust me I will I'm more untreated in this gravitron thing
  13. I own the graviton it's glass on glass and dope. It's a dirty girl so I will post a pic when she gets washed. The hits are massive but not necessarily worth the money. Would rather own a ssfg travel beaker with showerhead downstem and diffused bowl
  14. You gotta give 'The Majic Can', Man.


    Update: In the last 6mo or so my one Majic Can is spittin out pre-formed 'chunks' of 80%
    Thc. Like really looks like a boughten chunk, same density, Of cource it tastes like resin.
    I don't know how but my home grown is leaving more behind. Cheers
  15. They work great for me!

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