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VG Tincture - My first attemp. (advice + tips encouraged)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Tannay12, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Hello, I'm tannay12 & I'm brand new to the site/forum, tinctures, edibles, well basically all the cool extra shit for cannabis. & I would just like to share some of my journey, while getting some advice, or maybe even helping others out along the way. & If this is in the wrong forum sorry, please let me know so I can delete and post in the right place :)

    So for my first ever post I'll tell you about my first ever tincture. Beginning with the method I chose and how I actually made my tincture. Before anyone else says it, yes I know, it's sloppy as shit and I could've been more accurate, I've mostly done this just to say I have & to test and play around with techniques while recording my information and findings
    . I'm still learning, and have lots of room for improvement :) which is why I'm posting here to (hopefully) receive some similar experiences, tips, advice, and any feedback.

    Aallllrighty then!

    Method & Instructions
    I decided to try out the crockpot VG (vegetable glycerin) tincture method with a jam jar. Here is how shit went down with what:

    My materials:
    •1/4 oz of sativa bud w; 20%THC
    •250ml bottle of glycerin
    •Medium sized jam jar
    •Small crockpot
    •Hand/face towel
    Other materials: (used to decarb my bud)
    •Small glass dish with lid
    •Parchment paper

    So, yes obviously^ I decarbed my bud before beginning the crockpot tincture.

    My Decarbing Process
    -Preheat oven 225C
    -Bust/Grind the bud
    -Line dish with parchment paper
    -Spread bud evenly in pan/dish
    -Let sit in oven for half hour mixing it up every ten minutes

    IMG_0002.JPG Here is how my bud ended up before decarbing. Halfway into grinding it up, I was unsure whether it was suppose to be fully grinded or loosely busted with my hands, so I did both. fuq regoogling Lol. Anyone else have any advice or experiences to share about this step. I probably should've done either one fully instead of half and half of both. Next time should I do anything differently?

    The Main Event
    I've got all my materials and decarbed my bud; time to get on with the show.
    •I take my grinded decarbed bud and put it into my mason jar (it holds about 2 cups of fluid for size, fuq actually checking). I also added a tiny bit of vaped bud for shits and giggles.
    •Using my glycerin I pour just a small amount onto my bud, close lid, and shake it up a little to evenly cover the bud.
    •After the mixture settled from above step I then poured in some more glycerin, eyeing it at about 3/4 full from the top. I did have some left over glycerin, and I didn't bother with adding in any more.
    •Closed the lid, & shook it up some more.
    •Got my crockpot and put my folded facecloth at the bottom.
    •I placed my mason jar in the centre, and filled the crockpot with warm water matching the water fluid level with the glycerin fluid level in my jar.
    •Set my crockpot to low, and left it for 12 ish hours, only shaking 3-4 times during the slow cook process.

    Here it is fresh out of the crockpot. I didn't want to strain, I'm hoping for it to continue growing in potency

    I began writing this the day I made it, but I get distracted and forget things so easily it's taken me a few days to write this far.

    Anyways, few days after making this & including myself I've gotten 3 people to try it & still waiting on one more. My guinea pigs and I have concluded it to be a weak tincture but it does give a slight buzz.

    All subjects were given 3ml each with day old tincture:
    Subject 1 - within 20 minutes tongue began to feel "high", felt a slight buzz with glossy eyes & maybe could've had more.
    Subject 2 - also felt a slight buzz but definitely thought at least 5ml would be best.
    Subject 3 - still pending results

    For myself I tried it right away still warm with 2ml on an empty stomach keeping it in my mouth for about a minute, after an hour I felt my eyes get glossy and waited another hour. Not really feeling anything more I decided to take 3ml, and felt not high but decent throughout the day. I suffer from severe anxiety, and I can't really handle talking to people face to face, but the same day I took the tincture I went out to the store on my own and thought nothing of it until later which highly unusual for me. I'm thinking maybe it was the tincture? Maybe placebo effect? Whichever, it happened while taking it so I'm mentioning it.

    Please, feel free to ask questions or comment
  2. @Tannay12
    VG -Vegetable Glycerin is a notoriously piss poor solvent for cannabis. Lowest of the 3 primary solvents used.
    Try leaving it for 30 days and sample it again as glycerin is very slow
    Alcohol tincture to Glycerin is a better faster way and the glycerin is ready ASAP with no long wait time.
    Oil extraction is the top choice in my opinion but everybody has their preferred style of consuming Cannabis.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture
    Both threads cover basic alcohol tincture.
    Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it
    Psam runs a very active thread as well and covers a wide range of tincture methods.
  3. OK, your name is Tannay and you are 12 or your name is Tannay12?

    If you are 12 years old I am afraid that those that help could get into trouble.

    Everyone here would like to assist someone with an illness, but no one wants to help a 12 year old break the law.

    Please provide more info.
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  4. Thanks so much for the reply! (And sorry for my late one) I'll be sure to check out the links you've included. I decided to make a glycerin tincture mostly because where I'm from it's quite hard to obtain an alcohol with the right percent needed & because I just wanted to say I've attempted a tincture lol.
  5. It is just my username, I am of age :) thanks for the concern! Sorry for my late reply.
  6. I made some VG tincture in my MB machine two weeks ago that's testing 13.3 mg/ml in my Tcheck meter. I used the 8-hour cycle this time instead of my usual 4-hour cycle. I'm very pleased with the results! I mainly use the VG tincture for making gummies. I decarbed for 40 minutes at 240 degrees before putting the bud and VG in the Magic Butter machine.
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