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    I have scanned through these forums but havent seen much discussion about this so if there are any threads here already on this, feel free to point me in that direction.

    There are a lot of reports recently of health issues related to vaping, particularly e-cig/nicotine e-liquids. There have been some comments made in regards to vaping marijuana being a concern, but it's not clear if it is regarding vaping concentrates in general or something specific in regards to using e-cigs to vape concentrates or just vaping e-liquid (nicotine or weed). It's all confusing from what I have read. Vaping nicotine seems to definitely be a concern, and it sounds like there may be some issues related to "black market" e-liquids being the issue.

    I have recently been using concentrate cartridges for my weed vaping, so I am wondering if the recent reported health issues apply to that concentrate as well as the e-cig nicotine e-liquid? Wondering if I should go back to just vaping flower and stay away from the concentrate cartridges? I know that the concentrate cartridges go through a more thorough testing process, but kind of get the idea that they are saying vaping e-liquid whether its nicotine based or weed based causes respiratory issues. Its not like vaping is something new. Sounds like all of the reported issues are recent. And its not like its a major outbreak of health problems.

    Or, this could all be just scare tactics in the news regarding weed. Shocking, I know...

  2. If they are street carts I would go to your doctor immediately and fess up.

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    Salutations Divrdwn,

    IMO the time to organize and counter-attack has passed many years ago. It's a win-win game for bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists who won't help to fix a consumption method or another, quite on the contrary. When it eventually fails for some of us our opponents are just too satisfied to offer no other alternative than total abstainance, anyone who would have paid attention to the 2014 FCTC/COP6 event already had sufficient hints at hand to understand how e-Cigs/Vaporizers were going to be made "legally" equivalent to cigarettes/"joints" while denying any potential "Harm Reduction" utility.


    While sensationalist articles focuss on e-Liquids contaminated with heavy metal and whatnot lets just observe how the matter of "legal" pesticide concentration has been igored somehow, which itself tells us a lot about those who instrumentalize such alarmist news...

    Personally i consider too little has been done to offer consumers really durable solutions we can all trust, for starters i'm thinking of the numerous pictures putting forward opaque clouds. Besides of that there are multiple other factors turning us into self-vilification vectors ourselves and that's why i've adopted a few simple slogans to guide my own quest, like to seek "The Shortest Path of Lesser Transformation" to begin with. Dame Nature provided humanity with the most cost-efficient filtered packaging imaginable, why risk contamination by non-detectable pesticide soups only serving greed-driven 3rd-party interests when there are no better ways to garanty "bio" quality than to grown it at home, e.g. free of any external corporate mis-guided interference!

    If it weren't for socio-toxic limitations we could as well produce our own concentrates and never feel like looking back, which ain't the impression i get looking at "legal" options, perhaps because the one leading motivation of predatory politicians & friends is to vilify cannabis generation after generation until the good old days are erased and replaced with GMO synthetics, whatever.

    Political "elites" generally enjoy some level of power & education which should be expected to be matched with responsabilities of equal magnitude. Instead errors of the past continue to be repeated for obscure motives, like the 1880 patent of James A. Bonsack who got rich after launching a frenzy that gradually changed into a public health issue until it reached a planetary scale: his primary motivation being profit.

    Look at e-Cigs/Vaporizers close enough then tell me no efforts were spared to maintain public health as the prime designer directive... Quite honestly whatever the brand/model i'd hesitate before stating that a product was conceptually conceived to address the needs of human physiology 1st; imagine the needs of ex-smokers hoping for safer substitutes.

    So, right now if i were in need for serious medicating doses i guess my best bet would be to chose the only other scenario bound to please bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists beside total intolerance, euh...

    But i don't want to sound too provocative nor chocking today. I'm simply reasoning that the enemy won't fix anything for us. That's one reason why i'd promote keeping concentrates away at least until every single pesticide present around cultivation spaces ("legal" or otherwise) systematically appears on a laser-engraved list directly printed on some sealed/certified bottle. Just in case others might find that acceptable, though i still think i wouldn't, because of my guidance slogan previously mentioned above quite precisely.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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