Trichomes are puzzling me

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  1. So I'm trying to figured out what my trichromes are saying. I believe its a pink kush strain and it is mid week 8 in flower. as of now the sugar leaves are just about 100% amber, but the bud matter only has a amber head here and there. what I'm trying to figure out is when is it going to be ripe.

    as of last Saturday I started my flush, also I'm in peat moss" promix bx". and hope to have it all packed up this sunday. but as for my first harvest I harvested early and don't want to do the same again, even though last wasn't as amber.
  2. We cannot provide accurate advice without macro shots.

    Have most (80% or more) of the pistils changed color (from white) and curled into their calyxes? Calyxes should also be visibly swollen. If this is the case, you are good to harvest.
  3. ya about a good 90% of the hairs are brown, retreated a little but not all in. calyxes may be swollen but I tend to the plant every day so I cant really say, although the buds are heavy
  4. its the trichomes to go by ,,,as some strains of weed will keep throwing up pistells till you harvest ,,,you dont wont to many amberb trichomes and lot of people go for 20%-"25% amber the rest white ,,,,but its your taste that counts and what you like ,,,mac,,
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  5. I prefer the heart pounding effects that make you question you paranoia, but I'm growing for a buddy that like it about 75%amber, which that is what I'm stuck on I thought the leaves and the buds would all change relatively close to one another, but not in this case
  6. Do you know what the genetics are? I would just harvest in a week if you are near the maximum flowering time provided by the breeder.
  7. Looked up the breeder and genetics between sets. You likely have yourself a long flowering Indica leaning pheno. Breeder says 63 to 77 days to ripeness. That's your window: harvest closer to 77 days for your buddies effects.
  8. 77days 11 weeks,. Only on day 60 for harvest date so like another two weeks
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