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ordered my cobs, 1040watts 1 mother

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Reo, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. had to experiment with bondage today.......

    tied the first of many colas to the ceiling of the roof today. into week 5 and she's getting dense. about 2 weeks ahead of where my last grow was at for the size of buds it has.
  2. So I guess today i get the verdict on whether I can use the sheet metal shop to make a vented hood for my light.

    If I can't then I will get red led fans and use lexan. And have a see through hood he he

    As the fans are 92mm @24.4cfm five of them in a row should do something.
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    week 5.

    so I guess the hood is going to have to wait, turns out the decision is going to be made next week based on if they have enough scrap left. but non the less I have my design finalized and just need to assemble the frame to figure out precise measurements.

    as for the plant... she's starting to look weathered, the buds being perfect, on the lower sections. other then that I had to tie up the rear cola due to weight. and she is starting to stink out some loud notes.


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  4. Correcting the deficiency will not "green up" the yellowed leaves at the bottom. It will only make it stop spreading up the plant. Upping the nutes more (than what she needs) runs the risk of Ntox. If you've already flushed, and restarted nutes, theres no need for another flush.
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  5. yee bud.

    I got her good now, just got quaght off guard by how much she needed and how fast she needed it. I've been there with here before in mother hood... thinking I gave her veg nutes when I gave full flower nutes. after a week though she got over it no flush.

    probable weight estimation is at least a HP and she's still in a 5 gallon pot. next time I flower a mother out she is going in a 10 gallon bucket for a couple weeks. cause like I think most of the soil is roots, matter of fact the bucket is a little bulged around the middle.

    atleast its about the half way point
  6. week #6

    yup she's going to shit in a hand basket. in saying I don't think I'm going to give her ph'd water till she's ready for harvest. just turning yellow slowly week by week, but the buds aren't getting hurt just yet... hopefully it wont get much worse but I cant really say at this point defenently should of done mainlining cause the lower nodes just aren't getting what they should be.

    other then that my god she's getting heavy. there's at least 4 ish nugz in the back right that need to be tied up and what's already tied up there is obvious weight on it lol.

    as well the heat sinks are coming in Tuesday so I should have the second cob led light up and going shortly, but sadly nothing near full power just yet I recently improved my venting for my grow room but I overlooked the passive intake. what's coming in is cold as fuck( 60F and lower most nights) but as a passive intake it's just doing nothing. so least to say I'm going to be looking for a inline fan and hook it up to a thermostat controlled relay as to have the room at a comfortable temp for the flower tent. as of right now she is holding between 81-82F on power and settles to 73F off power, not the best but she's not showing heat stress.

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  7. I put my nitro express mother in 3 weeks ago she was 3 feet tall I had to do a whole lot of tying by the time she was done stretching she was 5 foot and I had a foot to spare lol
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  8. I'm just glad she wasn't a dwc grow or fuck me she would of busted my 4x4 tent to peices lol. you can see her clone in the left corner, my first dwc, and it stretched 3x her height albeit she wasn't tied down but still it's scary... 1 foot to 3+ feet when in soil I usually get 6-8 inches of total stretch.
  9. I'm starting next year's mother. A dark Angel seed from crop king seeds. Supposed to be a even 50/50 hybrid. jack herer crossed with chesse. This round I'm going to mainline it with either 8 or 16 colas as she is going to be literally raped every few weeks. As I see myself needing alot of clones
  10. Mid way through week 6. Leaves are yellowing like it's ready but I took a Look at the trichomes this morning all are Milky and a few amber heads here and there. If I had to gues a ratio 1/10 so I'm not sure only one buds bud leaves are yellowing (lower bud on a lower cola) but I don't see any defficiency present.... Of the yellowing leaves they just fade to yellow with the leaf stem stay purple but just a tad darker then it would normally be

    Also I'll be putting in the second cob light tonight. But I'm having space issues with its offspring "roomate". One of her clones I decided to pilot a DWC project and it unexpectedly grew 5x its mass during its stretching period and once was 6" below the MILF is now towering by about a couple foot or more.
  11. So now week 7. I'm not showing the whole picture of her since my DWC pilot project is starting to put the fear of God into me.... She's getting too top Heavy so I'm not moving it unless I have to.

    But over all the yellowing has slowed some more on the mother. Buds are a little bigger than last time... Had to tie up 3 buds cuase of the weight. Trichomes aren't any darker then last either.

    I'm thinking 2-3 weeks and she'd be a lamb to the slaughter. IMG_20170819_062818447.jpg

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    Ya with the second cob light the temps above canopy are up another 4f in the to 86f. with 81f below canopy Really regretting not getting a intake fan for the cold outside air as my hps is vented through the tent instead of out to atmosphere so heat is being retained in the room
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    IMG_20170822_010352523.jpg IMG_20170822_010343661.jpg IMG_20170822_010523147.jpg I've been looking at various locations on the plant and the outer sugar leaves seem to be anywhere from cloudy to 1/4 amber, the buds them selves are milky with maybe 1 amber trichrome on a select few.

    just thinking on when I should start my flush. I'm in peat moss so there's not much nutrient retention so I'm thinking a week to a week and a half long flush. I picked up grotek blueberry flush solution as well I will be implementing black strap molasses and will keep using enzyme in the water. but as to that I'm just not sure how fast she is going to progress in ripeness. and don't want to end the flush with a week left since she is pretty much at her limit for nutrients( as in if I don't feed her on time and she starts drying out even. she will start turning yellow again)
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  14. Did some looking last night and some of the trichromes on the bud themselves have amber cores. So hopefully not much longer to go. Hoping I can get atleast another two and a half weeks out of her.

    And with this news I'll be starting to flush next week getting her ready for the 8th.
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  15. getting closer day by day.

    changed the dwc plant's water so had the opportunity to dead head and prop some more nugz up. biggest one right now is maybe 1.5" wide. but other wise she is getting sticky, stinky, and heavy.


    hopefully be flushing next week and have her off by the 8th

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  16. nope the milf is getting too yellow so I decided to start the flush yesterday. I have good success with a week flush in peat moss, so i'll harvest and hang most of the plant this week and let the more premature greener stuff ripen up. can wait. as the bubble bucket clone is just getting to the point of needing more space as the buds fatten up and spread the plant apart.

    as you can see in the second picture she is a little more then yellow

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  17. pics coming tonight, the buds are fattening up. almost a good one and three quarters of an inch thick for the majority of them. I flushed sunday with groteks flushing agent, then last night I watered with plain ph with 1tsp per gallon of black strap molasses+ enzyme. should be able to water with plain ph Friday morning or Saturday evening before the chop on Sunday morning. as i'll say again I cant wait to get here out of the tent as her dwc clone is getting so heavy in week 4 that she is starting to pull herself out and almost has the bucket lid imploded so I'm going to need the space to tie her up

    I guess for the last week there has been cooler temps as well so I turned up the one center cob light to 3/4 power so in essence I'm running about 370-380 watts of cob along with the 400w hps for a total of 780 watts.
  18. IMG_20170831_224535512.jpg not much for pics, I changed the buckets water last night but forgot to get some pic of milfs entirety.


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    tomorrows the day.... chop, chop. she's going to get about 26hrs of darkness before she goes off. cant wait either the dwc clone is getting heavy enough that she is starting to spread out under her own weight. so least to say I have the milf occupying a 4x3 foot print and the dwc spreading into a 3.5x3.5 foot print inside a 4x4.

    will try to get pic if I remember but I don't want the plant waking up to much before she's cut

    other then that I've learned quite a bit from this girl that I'm already implementing into next year's mothers. one of the things is going to be mainlining. reason being is that with milf she was topped with 8 nodes in hope of flowering her out, but she got plan B'd for motherhood. and after so much growth( having about 2' stalks between base and canopy)there was a lot of uneven nutrient distribution causing some areas to nute burn while other areas were just getting enough. thus mainlining should solves this problem since each cola is at the same distance from the stump. with the new mother I will be mainlining to 16 colas and go from there

    Aswell I will be transplanting from a 5 gallon to a 10 gallon bucket as in that time she will be root bound in the 5 gallon, leading me to my other current problem with the milf. and in doing so I will give it some grace time to get used to the lights and mend itself. that of which I didn't think I gave enough time for milf to adjust as she could or should of been a darker shade of green before initiation.

    thank you guys for following and hope you enjoyed. maybe in the future I could make a grow journal for my mother plants as next year I will be running 3 moms perpetually. one from a dark angel seed. the second will be a 3rd generation clone from this here milf and the third is undecided as of right now.
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  20. There she is. I'm thinking about about a QP in good bud, and maybe an Oz in pop corn. She really put on the resin in the last 24 hrs of darkness. IMG_20170903_154821969.jpg

    And he is one of next year's mom. Just topped to four nodes as of now. Eventually I'm hoping to aim for 16 colas
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