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trichome city

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by topshelfganja19, May 6, 2011.

  1. first 2 are mango kush, next 5 are blue dream, and last one is purple haze :D

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  2. Please stop making me jealous. Haha really those buds are sexy. Im only buying reggie for a month due to money problemos. Nice thread

  3. my apologies haha. yea this is where a lot of my money goes :eek:
  4. Dank! all covered in trichs
  5. Cool if I was small enough i'd love to live in that City.

    Nice buds.
  6. Just wondering how
    Much did the purp cost you?

  7. The purp is actually my friends we smoked some today and i took some pics. He bought an 8th for 60 :eek: pricey but worth it cuz purp never seems to come around where i live.
  8. Dam yea thats alot... But i guess it was a once in a while thing for you guys

  9. not that i know this but, 8ths(of dank/headies) sell for 60 regularly where i live. nice bud bro
  10. Dam you guys have high prices... Usually its 35 for an 8th here in SD. At the most its 50 for an 8th of fire

  11. i get an o of beasters of 60 too haha, but fuck that shit....

  12. I usually pay 40-50 an 8th for dank. purp is hard to find where im at so its always a little pricey :rolleyes:

  13. damn wish i lived there. but what stoner doesn't wanna live in ca? haha
  14. nice pick up those are some nice looking buds + rep
  15. Oh man, the purp... so sexy :smoke:
  16. ^^ indeed it is!! I love how white crystals stand out on purple nuggs!!

  17. thanks bro, it's cool to get compliments from ppl in cali who are smokin down on the finest :smoke:
  18. Those nugs all look like dispensary grade weed. Nice!

  19. damn nice to hear that! the purp and mango are from cali actually. the blue dream was locally grown :D

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