The Thought Police

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  1. Earlier today I had just finished smoking half of a joint I had rolled with some Michael Phelps OG and I was walking down the street (with the other half in my pocket) to get some food when a homeless guy just shouts at me from two feet away "WHAT WOULD YOU DO RIGHT NOW IF I WAS THE THOUGHT POLICE"...premonition? lol

    And I was like "Omg the cops are everywhere" and got all freaked out, started thinking about what if police could read minds, then when I get to the burrito place there's FOUR fucking cops sitting in there waiting for their food. I live in a pretty hippy neighborhood and theres a presence of homeless people so the cops are generally pretty relaxed but I was on edge cause that homeless guy had just shouted at me so I just tried to play it cool and order my food. Then when I go sit outside to wait for it, they come out and stand right next to me talking. After a few minutes they get quiet, I'm looking in a different direction (obviously lol), so I have no idea whats going on, then finally one of them sits down next to me, turns to me and says

    "You watching the Charger game later?"

    and I said "Yea, hopefully Rivers can pull it together today"

    next thing I know the other cops just start talking too and I'm shitting my pants. Trying to play it cool with four cops while I had half a joint in my pocket, and I'm not sure how they didnt smell that shit on me considering I had just smoked...

    Cant believe I got so lucky just had to share the experience lol..

    tldr; got super blazed, walked to burrito place, ended up having to talk to four cops for 10 minutes outside after just having smoked some of a jay and still had half of it on me
  2. That's just the way the apple slices.
  3. Michael Phelps OG lol:smoke:
  4. Bro you're in Cali, why you worried?
  5. That's just the way the banana's pealed

    That's just the way the brownie's baked

    That's just the way baboon dances

    That's just the way the hash is packed

    That's just the way the clown falls

    Did I win?

    Yes, homeless people are strange birds.
  6. [quote name='"JuanRing"']Michael Phelps OG lol:smoke:[/quote]

    I lolled too
  7. [​IMG]
  8. anybody have that drawing with phelps holding a bong and some other black guy, i cant find it, its actually priceless lol
  9. Relax bro, cops have no reason to suspect you unless you give them some

  10. :smoke:
  11. I'm sure they noticed and just decided to acknowledge that they had a childhood and smoked weed once upon a time and ignore you since you werent hurting anyone.
  12. Most cops are pretty chill to talk to.. The friendlier you are, the less suspicious you are.. Just try not to slur or miss any words :)

  13. lol....

    Darth Vader Kush:hello::smoke:
  14. Yo i got that Darth Vader Kush ma *****, this shit is rare
  15. Haha I was scared cause having that shit on you is still a fine if its not in a dispensary package (basically, the rule is more complicated than that but that seems to be the guideline they follow) and Im already poor enough haha.

    And holy fuck thats gonna be a crazy world to live in if they ever implemented that shit...taking Big Brother to a whole new level.

    Thought I'd include a pic of the Phelps for everyone haha, its lab tested at 18% so its a great hybrid :smoke:
    Phelps is on the left, the right is Argentine Haze

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    This poster is for you - Thought Police Poster from

    If your political ideologies align along the 'libertarian' plane, I suggest checking our this guys collection. He's an awesome illustrator who creates 'liberty minded' gear.
  17. Dude, they obviously could smell it, they wouldn't strike a random convo. with you if they didn't.
    But you played it off well apparently, so you seemed sober.

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